Community associations help View Royal

Variety of groups provide community meeting points for residents

Living in a small town, like View Royal, you notice the things that go on around you that increase the attractiveness of the area. One of these “things” is the opportunity to volunteer and contribute to the community where we live.

In so doing we increase the well-being of others and can make our lives feel more worth living.

There are many clubs and organizations in our area where we can participate and contribute (View Royal: Fastball, Reading Centre, Garden Club, Emergency Measures Organization, Archives and Shoreline Community School Association to name a few).

One of the longest standing is the View Royal Community Association. They own, maintain and operate the community hall (since 1943) for the promotion of social, recreational, economic, political and general welfare of the View Royal taxpayers and residents.

They provide a meeting place for members to rent, organize town hall type meetings where matters deemed to be of importance to the View Royal community can be debated, and provide a venue where the voice of the community can be  heard.

They have organized community picnics and fairs for the benefit of the community. They could do more, but need more supporting members who can bring their ideas and expertise to the association.

You may not want to volunteer your time (there is no pressure), but your support as a member is needed. If you’re interested in joining, come and become a member at the Fall BBQ and meeting 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 27 at the View Royal Community Hall.

Jim Powell

View Royal