Candidates shouldn’t forget the elderly

It is a shame that none of our federal party leaders have discussed, let alone even mentioned, one of our biggest concerns: the elderly and the retired.

We have to remember that these people have contributed to society their entire lives. It is safe to say that everybody believes that these people deserve the best for life after retirement.

Sure, some of the elderly could afford to put away some cash for their senior years, but what about the majority who couldn’t (and can’t) afford to do so?

I am sure that those on low income did not work any less than those lucky ones who scored the big bucks. Let’s spend some money to help them out.

They deserve better, and we should not ignore the subject any longer.

Please remember that one day, most of us will be in their position, and I’ll can tell you right now, it’s not easy when you have to stretch a dollar.

Our politicians spend millions of dollars on unnecessary things that the vast majority of us do not want our money spent on.

Stefan Mieczkowski