Canadians have tough questions for all party leaders

I think all party leaders should be included in the federal election national debates, so they can be asked tough questions.

One for Elizabeth May is why she referred to the conniving, incompetent, law-breaking “climate scientists” of the Climatic Research Unit as her friends.

Jack Layton should be asked whether or not he supports freedom for women in Afghanistan, which requires defeating the Taliban and ensuring a sound government as the U.S. military did in Japan after defeating the Imperial Shinto regime in the Second World War.

To Michael Ignoratiff, I’d say, “Do you have anything positive to offer honest Canadians, instead of your contrived whining over small things, while ignoring the Liberal record of holding parliament ransom?”

Easterners may have a better question for the Bloc Québecois than, “Do you exist for any reason beyond holding Canadians to ransom by supporting political collusion?”

And I’d challenge Prime Minister Stephen Harper to convince me that he can, in fact, administer our country properly. Instead he has appointed cabinet ministers who are clearly incompetent (such as the health minister), flip-floppers, or worse.

Harper does not deserve to be Prime Minister given his mediocre performance, but the neo-Marxist Opposition is horrid by comparison.

Keith Sketchley


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