Bus riders’ behaviour appalls Langford cyclist

School bus driver oblivious to trash throwing, cyclist says

Cycling around Greater Victoria is wonderful. We have a city that is working on improving the daily commute, from bicycle lanes to the E&N rail trail.

I love cycling to and from my work on a daily basis. I have seen the best of behaviour from cyclists and motorists, to the poor and absurd. Why some people choose to do certain foolish things in their vehicles or on their bicycles is beyond me, as long as they do not include me in their mishaps.

There is one event I would like to point out. It happened May 4 on Atkins Road in Langford between 3:30 and 3:45 p.m. Several students on a school bus decided it would be fun to spray water out the window at me. It’s not a big deal; I get rained on occasionally during my daily commute. But when they missed, they decided to throw garbage. Several juice boxes, still containing juice, were thrown as well as a half eaten apple and a balled up piece of paper.

I was amazed how idiotic this was, but what surprised me further was that the bus driver did absolutely nothing. He kept driving. I figured at the least he would stop and make them clean up the mess. He must have known what was going on, since the students’ first attempt happened when the bus had stopped to drop off several students by Selwyn Oaks Place.

He should have seen something in his right side mirror or at least the commotion in the back out of the corner of his eye.

I saw this brewing as I approached, so how can the driver be so blind as to what is happening on his/her bus?

I was going to file a complaint with the school district, but could not find a bus route going through that part of Langford, so the Gazette it is.

I know it is not the best medium to lodge a complaint, but when acts of idiocy happen, they need to be addressed.

Ken Hayes