Beefs and Bouquets, Oct. 14

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BOUQUET: Two bouquet shout-outs… First huge bouquets to the Colwood, Langford, and View Royal fire departments for their quick response to the fire that happened in my building on Goldstream Avenue. They arrived so quickly and proceeded to amaze me on how they got right in there. They put their lives on the line and for them to climb right in there it made me realize that we sometimes forget how much respect they deserve … thank you! Secondly to the Royal Canadian Legion for giving us a place to go and making us as comfortable as possible. Another important organization in the West Shore that sometimes we forget about. Thank you everyone!

BEEF: To the woman on the crosswalk on Jacklin Road by Ruth King School, you stood at the crosswalk entrance and chose to yap on your phone instead of crossing. I watched you, then as I proceeded to go so did you. Walking and texting/talking on your phone is the same as driving and texting/driving … Pay attention!

BOUQUET: To our newer older paper carrier, I have missed having a paper delivered for months and am so happy to have this service back. Thank you.

BOUQUET: To the flagger on Peatt Road, you made my day last Wednesday. You were bouncing around smiling and waving with a huge smile at every driver that went by. You put a smile on my face and it made a difference to my mood. I wish everyone was this happy when they went to work! Keep it going, it makes a difference.

BEEF: To those parking the wrong way on the wrong side of the road facing traffic on our side streets: it drives me crazy. Our side streets are already feeling overloaded and chaotic. It is illegal and stupid; stop it!

BOUQUET: To the man who helped me change my tire in front of my son’s daycare.

BEEF: To the beef about children needing school. We parents will make decisions that are best for our child. We know what they need and that is safety. Mind your own business and don’t judge.

BEEF: To the dog owners who insist on off-leashing in Hatley Memorial Park. You know who you are. Stop it. The graveyard is a place to be respected. Respect the signs, respect the workers and follow the rules so we don’t lose the privilege of being able to walk our dogs there.

BEEF: Litter can get a bit much along many of our streets, but since this virus turned up people have gotten very lazy. I am finding masks discarded like coffee cups. I watched a lady come out of a store, take her mask off and toss it. We have a virus and these lazy people could be spreading it by discarding their used masks on the ground.

BOUQUET: My red rose bouquet goes to Costco for how well organized they’ve been through this pandemic. I truly believe they have set a new precedent. Well done Costco, well done!

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