Beefs and Bouquets, Nov. 25

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BOUQUET: To Ben and crew from Synthetic Turf, your customer service was second to none. Thank you so much for your patience and time.

BOUQUET: I would like to extend a Bouquet to all the motorists that kindly stopped for me when I was attempting to clear the road of my spilled bag of empty bottles. It was on Thursday Oct. 28 at around 8:30 a.m., and they kindly stopped in both directions so I could pick up the bottles and get across the street safely.

BOUQUET: I was in the lineup at Costco thinking that there would be buggies at the other end to pick up before going into the store. That had changed and I should have picked one up before getting into line. There was a couple in front of me and the woman asked her husband to go and get me a buggy so I would not lose my place in line. With everything going on with COVID, making shopping more challenging, that act of kindness made my day. Thank you so very much.

BEEF: To my fellow morning drivers: if it is not raining, it’s dark now. Please! Turn your headlights on in the morning! There were 6 of you, mostly in grey vehicles, driving ahead of me in the pouring rain without running lights or headlights around 2 p.m. the other day. Please be safe.

BOUQUET: Thank you to the lovely staff at the Dollarama in the Westshore Town Centre who answered several telephone questions from a mom trying to make a last-minute costume for her child. Keep up the kindness in the face of all this busyness. Thank you!

BEEF: A big slab of raw Beef to all the drivers out there who are still using the Malahat as a race track. Last week I saw an RCMP officer pull over two vehicles that had sped by me and had to be doing more than 125 kilometres per hour. It was raining and dark and I couldn’t believe these drivers. This is a major issue and a huge cause of accidents happening on the Malahat. When will drivers learn this is not a race track. Thank you to the RCMP officer who pulled them over, I hope they got excessive speeding tickets and their cars impounded!

BOUQUET: A big Bouquet to Ms. Dube at Dunsmuir middle school and all teachers in SD62 who had parent/teacher calls last week. With COVID-19 we were not able to meet in person, but really appreciated the time it took to reach out to parents by phone/Google classroom. It was great to connect regardless of how it happens and the call still made me feel connected and updated with my child’s progress. Thank you!

BEEF: Jeesh, could the traffic on Sooke Road/Happy Valley Road be more annoying at rush hour during the construction that is happening? Oh yes it can be … Colwood Corners construction makes it worse!

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