Beefs and Bouquets for Sept. 30

BOUQUET: Here’s to all the new businesses that have opened in the last few months along Goldstream Avenue from Peatt to Veteran’s Memorial – From a pharmacy and emergency vet to a stylish Mexican restaurant. Kudos to these small business owners for stepping up to add more vibrancy to the neighbourhood. This really shows faith in the area and will add more employment. It is wonderful to see small businesses rather than franchise restaurants.

BEEF: What is with the rude and insulting bumper stickers lately? I do like the funny ones: Don’t get too close as I don’t know you or the artsy Vancouver Island maps or the sasquatch stickers. But in this day and age do we need to see “show me your boobies or “I heart sluts” or jail bait across the front window or the gross balls hanging down under the truck bumper? Show some class folks, we all don’t want to look at this.

BEEF: When I see a dog with an owner, I always ask if I can pet the pooch as I do love dogs. But if a dog has bitten it should be muzzled after the first attack. Why is the dog owner not responsible to have the dog muzzled in public? The current case is a dog that has three strikes again him. This is an irresponsible dog owner and he should be banned from having a dog as he obviously does not take these offences seriously enough.

BEEF: The new roll up the rim system at Tim Horton’s. How is using an App rolling up the rim? We want the old fashioned roll up the rim back where you actually get to roll up the rim. Our family doesn’t have the app so we feel like we’re missing out.

BOUQUET: A big, big bouquet of roses to all our health care workers at VGH and Royal Jubilee. Our family is sending lots of hugs and positive vibes your way. Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed…We support you!

BOUQUET: A batch of sunflowers to City of Colwood for a great summer at the Esquimalt Lagoon. The food trucks and entertainment during the summer was a much needed break from the Pandemic. My family enjoyed all of the activities this summer put on by the city and we are looking forward to everything you are bring to the community. Thanks!

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Beefs & Bouquets