Beefs and Bouquets for Sept. 23

BOUQUET: We want to thank the Sabhai Thai Langford team for their consistent excellence in all aspects of the service they provide. We have been so impressed with how they have coped with the challenges throughout the pandemic and have been very happy to support their efforts. We are always greeted cheerfully on the phone when placing our order and in person when we pick up our food –which is consistently excellent! We are never disappointed. A special shout out and thank you to Sam who always remembers our favourite order of chicken cashew (med/hot) with rice. She is a gem and we so appreciate her warm, welcoming and generous spirit. Thanks Sam, you recently made a birthday meal even more special with your very kind thoughtfulness.

BEEF: What a huge disappointment after an absence of some time to discover on a recent visit to the West Shore Recreation Centre the big, old and beautiful trees and plants in front of the library have been plowed out of existence and replaced with ugly barren nothingness. Only sad memories remain of sitting in the shade and quiet places while enjoying a coffee or book while the world sped noisily by just out of sight on the highway. Such a shame.

BOUQUET: About a month ago my wife misplaced her driver’s licence and credit card. She cancelled her credit card and found her driver’s licence. A few days ago a young man walked into my driveway holding my wife’s driver’s licence that he found in the parking lot at Quality Foods. I thanked Vren and offered him a couple beer but he didn’t want to drink and drive. As he left he passed me a purse. As he drove away I opened the purse and it contained some cash and my wife’s new credit card and some other cards. What I didn’t realize was she had dropped her purse an hour before in the parking lot. I assumed it was an artifact from a month before. I should have rewarded Vren more substantially for his act of kindness but I didn’t twig at the time what had happened. I did tell him his mother would be proud of him for returning the driver’s licence and he smiled. An act of kindness by a young man at a time when I think we all need a good story. Vren if you read this please come back to my house and if I am not home leave me a note with your email. The least I can do is buy you a good supper out.

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