Beefs and Bouquets for May 5

Here are this week’s thank-yous and gripes about happenings in and around our West Shore community:

BEEF: Forget the bombing in Ukraine, residents of North Langford have been subjected to horrific blasting coming from the site north of Costco for what seems like forever. City council conveniently removed a bylaw requiring blasters to have an onsite seismograph and submit the data to the city. I can only hope that voters will have their say this coming fall. I am not opposed to progress, but some limits are badly needed!

BOUQUET: to the staff at Dad’s Soups and Sangys for providing a healthy, fresh and delicious lunch to the competitors in the recent Jump Rope Provincials. Their staff was accommodating and friendly and lunch arrived perfectly on time to our venue. We were happy to support a fantastic local business!

BIG BOUQUET: to the gentleman in the Westshore Town Centre. You asked my mom if she was OK as she was sitting waiting for my sister. Your kindness made my mom feel so much better in these difficult times. When my sister came to get her she had a big smile on her face. She told everyone what had happened. It made us feel so happy and it has encouraged my mom to go back to the mall again.

BOUQUET: to Sue Harper for her letter in the April 20 Goldstream Gazette where she so eloquently described residents’ concerns regarding the development devastation going full steam ahead in Langford.

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BOUQUET: to the two wonderful people, a mother and daughter, who paid for my mocha birthday cake at the Dutch Bakery for my 85th birthday! When I went to pay it was such a surprise and it really made my birthday. Thank you!

BIG BOUQUET: to the two women doctors at St. Anthony’s Clinic in Langford who were just wonderful. I had been waiting before they open at 7 a.m. for quite some time and was very cold. They gave me a blanket to warm up.

Then they both were kind, helpful and took their time with me and I could not have asked for a more professional and helpful visit with doctors – especially during this time when so many complain about our medical system.

BEEF: Why do the mushroom companies sell unwashed sliced mushrooms? Mushrooms are hard enough to clean whole. Just saying!

BEEF: to the lady at the grocery store on Friday afternoon who took the buns out and accidentally dropped the buns from the bulk bin on the floor then put them back in the bin! Yikes.

BOUQUET: to the friendly desk staff at Club Phoenix. You guys always bring a smile to my face and are genuinely interested in getting to know your members, which is refreshing. Right on!

BOUQUET: to the person who held the door open for me at Westshore Town Centre on Thursday. I was far enough away that you didn’t have to, but you held the door for me regardless. Thanks for being so polite!

BIG BEEF: to the irresponsible pet owners who let their dogs roam free in parking lots. You are putting your animal in danger and causing unnecessary stress for drivers who are already looking out for pedestrians and other vehicles. I’m sure your dog is on their best behaviour, but if someone were to accidentally hit your animal, that’s on you.

BOUQUET: to the staff working at the Rugby Sevens event this weekend! You all smiled through the less than ideal weather and made sure the event ran smoothly and safely. Thanks for making sure all the spectators and athletes had a great experience.

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Beefs & Bouquets