Beefs and Bouquets for May 19

Here are this week’s thank-yous and gripes about happenings in and around our West Shore community:

HUGE BOUQUET: to the lovely and always helpful team at Brown’s Florist on Jacklin. I recently arrived at the shop just minutes before closing looking for a specific arrangement I knew would lift the spirits of a friend in need. Not seeing it already made up in the display case, Courtney overheard me mention the one I had been hoping to find. She kindly stopped what she was doing to immediately put one together for me. It was beautiful and so appreciated. Thank you for the amazing customer service. You shine bright!

BOUQUET & BEEF: Sending a heartfelt bouquet to Ukraine and its proud citizens who I am sure would never dream of complaining about blasting from construction. Sending a huge beef to the North Langford resident who wrote their beef, “Forget the bombings in Ukraine,” because the writer was subject to “horrific blasting” from construction. Did the writer find bodies and their fellow citizens raped due to the “horrific blasting” in North Langford. Shame on the writer!

HUGE BOUQUET: to the Metchosin Fire Department and its Fire Smart Program. Our home is in a two-acre forest so considering global warming and the forest fire situation over the last few years, we have been very concerned that our property is very vulnerable.

Metchosin Fire walked the perimeter of our home, making recommendations, and then provided two young men to cut back and remove branches and ground fire fodder. They did what we were not able to do. What a wonderful service! Thanks to Gloria, Brody and Madison. We are sleeping much more securely thanks to them!

BEEF: to the person who belittled the war in Ukraine just to make a point about rock blasting in the May 4 paper. People are fighting and dying for their homes, and you compared them to your inconvenience because of some noise. For shame.

BEEF: to the drivers who speed through parking lots, especially at the malls. There are kids and dogs and so many people looking at their phones instead of traffic. Please slow down and respect others.

BEEF: to the dog owners who leave their pooches in their cars and trucks locked up for long periods of time. It will be warm weather soon and this is dangerous.

BOUQUET: to the City of Langford for the new Station Avenue pop-up shops opening soon! I can’t wait to walk down the street from my condo to see what to buy at the shops and the good food I can enjoy outside with friends – then take my dog to the agility park!

BOUQUET: to the staff at Victoria Contract out over the past week or so planting flowers in all the boulevards in Langford. It will be wonderful to see flowers in bloom soon. It has been so cold this year!

BEEF: to the writer who compared the construction noise by Costco to the devastation and horror of war in Ukraine that Russia is inflicting. Of course, construction noise is annoying, disruptive and can even affect the well-being of a person over a long period of time. But it is extremely disturbing to compare it to the relentless Russian bombardment of Ukraine causing starvation, no medical care, no education, no infrastructure and loss of life for thousands of young and old, women and men. Bouquets to the brave and suffering people of Ukraine and to all Canadians who support them.

BEEF: to the never-ending construction on Peatt Road. Just when you think it’s done, they move two feet down the road onto the next building. I avoid driving down there now at all cost!

BOUQUET: of cherry blossoms to Victoria Contracting for keeping Langford’s public spaces so green and lush! I see you folks on the roads every day upkeeping the flowers and plants that line the streets. Thanks for working so hard to keep Langford so lovely to look at.

BEEF: to the impatient drivers who honk at those ahead of them at traffic lights within 0.1 seconds of the light turning green. Not all of us are driving Lamborghinis, give me a second to react and move my foot to the gas!

BOUQUET: to the nice woman who gave my little one a band-aid after she scraped her knee on the playground last weekend. You really lifted her spirits with the colourful bandaid and helped me salvage the day from going downhill and ending in a lot of tears. Unfortunately, I forgot your name or I would have mentioned it here, but thank you, kind stranger!

BEEF: to the person who compared the bombing in Ukraine (where lives are lost and homes are destroyed) to some blasting north of Costco. Get real. And a beef to the Gazette for even printing such a ridiculous comparison.

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Beefs & Bouquets