Beefs and Bouquets for May 26

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A BIG BOUQUET to all the Little Free Libraries. It has been so great to stop by to get a book and drop one off. I love to look for different ones I always keep books in my car in case I see a new one. Simple things in life bring so much joy in these difficult times.

BEEF: As a resident of the Highlands I welcome everybody to enjoy the beauty that we have right here. My beef is the people that drive out here at night and dump their garbage on the side of the road. We don’t want your golf clubs or your bed or your old boat. We don’t want your broken chairs or bookshelves and we especially don’t want you to drop your pets out here (which happens regularly and is heartbreaking). Keep it beautiful so we all can enjoy it.

BOUQUET: I want to hand a bouquet out to the entire crew at the Eagle Ridge Vaccination Centre that was there on Friday. Every single person greeted me with a smile and friendly “Hello!” The whole process was streamlined and quick, right from the person in the parking lot, to lovely Heather who gave my vaccine to the lady in the final waiting area who joked, “Welcome to the Lounge!” You all brightened my day!

BEEF: A big beef to the lady in the lineup at Fairways on Goldstream recently. Why did you have to be so rude to the cashier. She was cleaning her counter so you could put your groceries up and you were in a hurry and did not want to wait. She was only following protocol. You did not need to slam your groceries up while she was only doing her job.

BEEF: Am I the only one surprised at B.C. youth not needing parental consent or a signed form to get the COVID-19 vaccine. A beef to the government, you would think this is a communist country. I would like them to have consent from their parents.

BOUQUET: to the new Barn Thai location in the West Shore. We ordered takeout on Friday night and it was delicious. Support local!

BOUQUET: A big shout out to Cineplex West Shore. We wanted a family movie night so bought a movie from Shaw and we drove to Cineplex to get their to-go popcorn. We even got some free snacks. The movie at home was that much better when we had it with real movie popcorn. They are hurting right now due to the pandemic so if anyone wants a movie night, go to Cineplex and support them with the purchase of movie popcorn and snacks. Thank you Cineplex!

BEEF: Here we go again, another walk-in clinic unavailable. The Wheelhouse Medical Clinic will be closing its walk-in clinic permanently as of Aug. 1, 2021. Good grief … we need more medical care and family doctors in the West Shore!

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