Beefs and Bouquets for May 19

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BOUQUET: I want to hand a bouquet to the entire crew at the Eagle Ridge Vaccination Centre that was there on Friday. Every single person greeted me with a smile and friendly “Hello!” The whole process was streamlined and quick, right from the person in the parking lot, to lovely Heather, who gave my vaccine to the lady in the final waiting area who joked, “Welcome to the Lounge!” You all brightened my day!

BEEF: Centennial Park, Friday afternoon. It begins by a blue-shirted grandma at the toddler playground warning me that her granddaughter is really smelly because she had a poop. She then tells the granddaughter that she will be changed when they leave. I say nothing to you as I couldn’t think of anything polite to say. I would never fail to change my child when needed. The fun really begins when a different kid, three times older and twice as big as my one year old knocks him over. I tell the kid they knocked my son down and that was not OK. Her dad tells her to play in a different area. You stick your nose in it, rattling off your quite unwelcome opinion. You insinuate you want to fight me. I want to talk to the dad of the child, but cannot because you will not stop talking. What could have been solved between the parents could not be simply because you think your outsider’s opinion means more than a real conversation between the parties involved. It has nothing to do with you. Too bad you ruined what could have been a teachable moment and turned it into something all about you. Shame on you.

BEEF: As a cyclist who commutes, I attempt to read complaints about cyclists on the Goose and on the road in this section with an open mind, however, I must speak up. The weekly tirades against cyclists I read here could just as easily be levelled at drivers or pedestrians. For example, as a cyclist, I’ve been almost turned into a fine paste by drivers who can’t seem to locate their turning signals, flying into parking lots across the bike lane with abandon. On the paths, I’ve rung my bell to notify pedestrians of my passing, and in response the pedestrians leap into our way or get angry that I bothered them with my noise. Fortunately, these are exceptions to the rule, as most drivers and pedestrians are respectful and use the roads and paths with care.

BOUQUET: I would like to post a bouquet, I love B&B it is so great! A big bouquet to all the Little Free Libraries. It has been so great to stop by to get a book and drop one off. I love to look for different ones I always keep books in my car in case I see a new one. Simple things in life bring so much joy in these difficult times.

BOUQUET: I would like to send a big bouquet to the young lady, Amy, a midwife, who kindly walked me back to my car from the emergency side at VGH to the parking lot at the general entrance side. It was the day of the bomb scare and I was walking with a cane and was not sure of the way back.

BEEF: A side of beef to all the uninformed, jump on the hate wagon people who don’t understand how animal rescues operate. No rescuer, organizer or lover of animals would ever subject any living creature to additional harm or trauma for the sake of notoriety or monetary gain. People who are unwilling to go to a pawn shop, give up their $8 coffees or go without any of their own luxuries should not own animals because they view them as property and not a priority in their lives. Instead they try to garner sympathy through go-fund-me platforms and hate mongering pages before taking their own inventory and doing basic research and fact finding. Paws up and a lovely bouquet to all the dedicated warriors (who for the most part are volunteers) for standing strong and unbending in the fight against ignorance. A special shout out to Penny Stone and the fosters of the Victoria Humane Society, as well as the many other dedicated army of other rescues.

BOUQUET: A big batch of sunflowers and daisies to the staff at Industrial Paints and Plastics. I know they are not located in the West Shore but I was looking all over greater Victoria for pool paint to no avail… no one carries pool paint in stock… I happened to find that Industrial Paints and Plastics did. I went there early on Saturday morning and it was my first time there. The staff were incredible and very informative. It was the best customer service I have experienced in a long time. The team there deserves a big shout out, thank you so much for making my family’s day and having pool paint in stock!

BOUQUET: A big bouquet and thank you to the lady that paid for my drive thru order at A&W on Friday. I had a screaming kid in the back seat and did not feel like making lunch. After feeling really tired from the day it was so nice to have that happen. Thank you to the the lady in the silver Honda you really made a tired mom feel amazing!

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