Beefs and Bouquets for June 24

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HUGE BOUQUET: To the Goldstream Gazette for your beautiful PRIDE Outside cover on your paper. I look forward to reading the Gazette every week and was “touched” by your inclusiveness…greatly appreciated! Love is Love.

BEEF: To the proposal from Colwood Mayor Martin to close a large section of Ocean Boulevard from Friday to Sunday evening in July and August to support food trucks and events. Food trucks take away from local Colwood businesses. The majority of residents want Ocean Boulevard open to through traffic. Only a small minority want the road closed for seasonal activities. Mayor Martin and Colwood council need to start listening to Colwood residents.

BIG BEEF: To the person who thought it was a good idea to have people flipping rocks, tipping driftwood, and stamping all over bird habitat up and down Esquimalt Lagoon, all to try and win a prize hiding under a rock. Please put your rock hunts in a place where you’re not wrecking bird habitat, and killing fragile dune plants in a protected bird sanctuary.

HUGE BOUQUET: To the kind young lady who saved a tiny newborn bird trapped in the centre of a wide busy driveway, near a gas station and McDonald’s on Millstream Road, on May 30. Cars just missed the bird until she came by and gently picked the bird up and carried it to a safe location nearby. She even returned to check on its safety.

BOUQUET: Kudos to the woman with a big smile for assisting me last week. As I was nearing the west end of the West Bay Seawalk I yanked on my fleecy to raise it out of my fanny pack. Out flew my camera up and over the edge, crashing on the support piling below. I was most distressed as it was a new camera.

This woman stopped and offered immediate help trying to reach over the edge, but the camera was too far down. I went to our vehicle for my extended walking pole, but it too was beyond reach. Her patient partner and cute dog were encouraging. There was an access at the end of the walkway to the overgrown edge of the slope. Thankfully the tide was out and she was able to retrieve my camera. The back section is scratched but the lens is fine. Lesson learned – do not put objects in unzipped pockets. It was an added relief to have assistance as my partner who has cognitive impairment was getting anxious that I was going to try to get under the walkway. I was worried he would get disoriented if I did try to go below and then I would have even more stress trying to find him. So nice to have helpful people.

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