Beefs and Bouquets for June 2

Here are this week’s thank-yous and gripes about happenings in and around our West Shore community:

BIG BEEF: We have had our fence tagged five times in the last two years, and we repainted each time. We are seniors and it is not easy. We have called the police and said they know who did it but there is nothing they can do. These kids should be held accountable to repaint or do some community work.

BOUQUET: Thank you so much to the man at the West Shore Dollar Store recently whose arms and kindness prevented my mom from falling. Your quick thinking and help were greatly appreciated. She didn’t get your name but we wanted to say thank you so much for being there!

BEEF: to the man who slammed his cart into me when he thought that I was cutting in line today. The cart injured my knee and hit the greeter at the door. A beef also to the store (Costco) for not letting customers know that lining up was no longer required. I was told at customer service that they no longer wanted a long single line snaking around the building but there should be a sign to that effect. The greeter was encouraging us to go in and not line up. I did what I was asked to do. Regardless, there was no need for violence. No wonder the world is in the state it’s in when people can’t even behave in a civilized manner going into a store. They only know one way to solve their problems — with violence.

BOUQUET: I would like to send a most grateful bouquet to Damien at Quality Foods in Langford for his patience, kindness and perseverance. Technology is great, but nothing beats the human connection.

MY BEEF: is with the beef part of Beefs and Bouquets. There is enough negativity already to go around. Why not just have a Bouquet section in the paper, or something similar that is positive. During COVID, I think there was value in having this column to vent. If we are truly in recovery, let’s get rid of the beef.

BEEF: to the dangerous drivers not coming to full stop at red light, before turning right on Six Mile Road. It’s inconsiderate and dangerous to the pedestrians and school children coming off the bus, needing to cross at the crosswalk. Patience stops dangerous and sometimes fatal accidents.

BIG BOUQUET OF PUSSY WILLOWS: to Niki of Broken Promises Rescue for helping me rescue three abandoned kitties so far, five more to go. I also want to thank the SPCA for taking the cats in and their efforts to re-home the little sweeties!

BEEF: to the cyclists that speed through the E&N underpass on the new Goose extension. Slow down! Both ends have blind corners, and when you cross over the line you put pedestrians at risk. Shame on the male who yelled profanities and almost knocked me over. Hopefully the city can address this design flaw before someone is seriously injured.

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BOUQUET OF CARROTS: to all the animals and caretakers at My-Chosen Cafe! Going to see the chickens and donkeys are always the highlight of a meal here for my kids. I love seeing all the smiles as people come see these creatures go about their daily lives.

BEEF: to the lack of road lines by Colwood Corners! I know there’s construction, but a lot of drivers seem to lose their sense of space without these lines. A car almost scraped by me on the weekend because they didn’t know where their lane was supposed to be. It’s only a matter of time before damage occurs!

BOUQUET: to the staff working the cafe at Highland Pacific. I stopped in on Friday night to go to the driving range and grab a beer with a buddy and despite how busy it was, the staff were calm and cheerful. What a refreshing group of young people.

BEEF: to the cyclists who choose to tear down the sidewalks instead of using the bike lane that is one foot away. A cyclist almost ran over my six-year-old niece on Jacklin Road because they rang their bell as they zipped by us while we were walking home from school. Get in the bike lane or walk!

BEEF: to those who don’t get up out of their seats at the front of the bus when someone who needs to sit gets on the bus. I watched a man on crutches have to ask for a seat while he was rudely obliged. I’m unaware of when it became common courtesy not to help those around you or have respect for others. What’s next, staying seated while someone with a stroller comes on the bus? Do better!

BIG BOUQUET: to all the friendly dog owners and dogs who permit me to talk to you and pet your dogs when I pass by at an outdoor patio. It really makes my day to interact with nice people and their pets. We can all use a smile and an pleasant interaction with a well behaved pet.

BOUQUET: to the kind gentlemen who stopped to help when I needed help with my groceries in the parking lot Saturday- It was really helpful and I really appreciated your assistance.

BIG BOUQUET: to the lady who picked up my wallet I had dropped and not noticed. She ran after me on the Ed Nixon Trail and returned it to me. Thank you so much.

BEEF: to some cyclists. While riding on the Goose Trail when you are passing, please be safe and courteous by ringing your bell or say “passing on your left” instead of zooming by and startling slower or less experienced riders.

BEEF: to Mother Nature. Please warm up as it is now June and the bees need the pollen from the flowers and we all need the farmers’ crops to be successful so we can eat and they can thrive in a challenging business.

Do you have someone to thank, or a peeve to get off your chest? Send it to or drop it off in the Gazette office mailbox. We reserve the right to edit submissions and discard beefs deemed to be libellous or mean-spirited.

Please limit submissions to 50 words. We will not publish beefs about private businesses or charities (those associated with published news articles notwithstanding).

Beefs & Bouquets

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