Beefs and Bouquets for June 15

Here are this week’s thank-yous and gripes about happenings in and around our West Shore community:

BOUQUET: to the South Vancouver Island Rangers for hosting an open house for the members of the community on May 29. I attended the event and met some interesting people. It brought back memories of my father, who was a member of the Pacific Coast Militia Rangers No. 1 company during the Second World War and later a member of SVI rangers for many years, and for myself as a junior ranger in the last group in 1962. Many thanks to Glen,Dave and the others.

HUGE BEEF: to the scofflaw pet owners in the Glen Lake Road area, who pick up after their dogs when neighbours are watching, and then throw the poop bags on the side of the road as soon as no one is looking. Grow up! If you can’t be a responsible pet owner, don’t own a pet. You make all pet owners look bad.

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BEEF: to the motorcyclist who recklessly weaved around my car on the highway Friday afternoon and cut me off instead of using the merge lane like a normal person! Not only did you startle me when you decided we were going to share a lane, but I then watched you tailgate and weave through traffic. You’re lucky it wasn’t rush hour traffic, and you’re lucky you got to your destination in one piece with how you were riding. Maybe you should put your L back on.

BOUQUET: to the Goldstream Tim Hortons drive-thru staff for being so friendly, even when they are slammed in the morning rush. They are always cheerful and bring a smile to my face when I get my morning double-double!

BOUQUET: to the nice older gentleman who held the door for me at Westshore Town Centre when my hands were full with bags on Saturday. With all of the social distancing over the last two years, it was nice to see things like holding the door open for people coming back again. It was a nice reminder that a small act of kindness can go a long way, especially with how isolated people have been!

BOUQUET: to all of the staff at Western Speedway on Saturday night! I accidentally left a dog treat in my purse and the security guard politely let me know outside food is not allowed, which turned into a funny lighthearted interaction once I let him know it wasn’t a treat for humans. We had a blast, we’ll miss the Speedway once the season is finished.

BEEF: to the City of Colwood, who have let a hedge on Metchosin Road (in front of the bakery) become so overgrown that you can’t even get a stroller around it. While I can manoeuvre my stroller by literally going on the road and lifting it over the curbs, people using walkers or wheelchairs might not have the same ability… I would suggest trimming it sooner rather than later.

BEEF: to the group of people who smoke marijuana outside of Tim Hortons on Goldstream every day, blowing it in the faces of every passerby. Firstly, you are definitely not seven metres away from the door. Secondly, you’re blowing secondhand smoke into my face along with the face of all of the kids walking by on their way to school. There are a lot of responsible cannabis users in this province and you are not part of that group.

BOUQUET: to the City of Langford for organizing a family-friendly Canada Day event! With all of the craziness in downtown Victoria lately, I was very hesitant to bring my kids there for any festivities. I am so excited to see that we have an option out here for celebrating. I don’t have to worry as much about my family being bombarded by unsavoury characters and we get to save the gas!

BOUQUET: to the mountain bikers who helped to design the trails at the new Jordie Lunn bike park! My boys are avid mountain bikers and it gets a bit time consuming having to drive around to find new trails, so having this park less than ten minutes away from our home is great. I’ve heard nothing but good reviews of this park.

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