Beefs and Bouquets for July 14

BEEF: A big, red, octagon shaped beef to all the idiots who run the stop sign at Walfred and Happy Valley roads. It doesn’t seem to matter who is at the adjacent crosswalk either – kids on bikes, parents pushing strollers – wreckless motorists are still punching it through the stop sign to save three seconds. They should install one-way spikes that retract only upon a vehicle coming to a complete stop. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets injured at this intersection. Shame on all those delinquent drivers.

BOUQUET: Bouquet to the person who turned in my blue purse at Serious Coffee on Saturday afternoon with everything in it. You rock! Many thanks also to the Serious Coffee staff and owner.

BOUQUET: I would like to send a big bouquet to the person that handed my keys in at Slegg Lumber in Langford. I am still doing the happy dance. Thank you so much, I wish for good things to happen to you.

BEEF: I walk in lots of different locations around my home; beaches, trails and roadways, and there is a disgusting blight on the scenery: small bags of dog poop discarded into the nearby bushes or simply left on the roadway for cars to smoosh. If your dog takes a dump, you are responsible to clean up after them. Clean it up in a poop bag and deposit it in the nearest garbage can or take it home with you. If you are too irresponsible to clean up after your pet, then leave it on the ground (by the way, that’s illegal), it will decay and disappear in a couple of months but, for goodness sake don’t put it into a plastic bag that will take decades to dissolve. Don’t throw it in the bushes and don’t leave it in the walkway or roadway, no one else is going to clean up after you. If you are that ignorant of the mess your leaving, perhaps you should consider owning a cat.

BOUQUET: I would like to thank Wade and Staff at Westshore Parks and Recreation for the great help they gave to me after I fell at their front door after tripping over a speed bump. The first aid man was there so fast to help me. I was a stubborn lady who did not want an ambulance but ended up going in one. Also I would like to thank Tammy and David the ambulance attendants who were great people who did a great job and a joy to talk to. Also thanks to the third-year interns at Victoria General Hospital for the great stitching-up job they gave me. Now to be more careful when I see a speed bump.

BEEF: A big beef to the clods at Bear Mountain who decide that the extra parking in the cul de sac loop is actually their permanent spot. By parking there all the time you deprive your neighbours of a convenience graciously supplied for quests and overflow parking. It is like stealing; thanks for being so ignorant. If you have too many cars, move somewhere else. And thanks to most of the great neighbours/guests who only park there temporarily, you are thoughtful.

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Beefs & Bouquets