Beefs and Bouquets for Jan. 20

Here are this week’s thank yous and gripes about happenings in and around our West Shore community:

BEEF: Colwood needs to four-lane Metchosin Road from Latoria to Sooke Road. It is clogged every morning and residents cannot access it. Also, the ‘rat racers’ go down Lagoon Road because it is quicker.

A LARGE BOUQUET: to nurse Tara at the West Shore vaccination clinic. My husband and I arrived for our appointment New Year’s Eve, to discover the clinic had closed 20 minutes earlier. She fit us in anyhow. Thank you!

BOUQUET: to the gentlemen who helped me out in the snow on Jan. 7 at the mailboxes at Sooke Road and Kangaroo Road. I am very grateful. Thank you for your kindness.

HUGE BOUQUET: to the staff and LifeLabs at St.Anthony’s, especially Lorraine who has been doing my bloodwork for almost 20 years. They handle extremely irritated people, long waits and short tempers from a few too many people. Just be kind people!

BOUQUET: to our paper carrier, always delivering to the door even in the awful weather recently.

A DOUBLE BEEF BURGER: to the people I see every day wearing the COVID-19 face mask improperly. Those who don’t know how to properly wear a face mask during this pandemic, should follow the rules in Face Mask 101. It clearly states you have to make sure it covers your nose, mouth and chin. Try following this rule.

BIG BOUQUET: to the man who pulled over to help me get out of the snowbank the other week. My car started spinning out right near the Leigh Road exit, and I was so lost until you came along. I didn’t get your name, but I really appreciate you going out of your way to help me get back on the road. I was incredibly flustered, but you really helped me focus on what I needed to do. You’re the best!

BOUQUET: to all the drivers in Langford who see someone trying to change lanes and actually let them in rather than speeding up to get ahead. I don’t know where you need to go so quickly, but I think the two seconds it takes to speed ahead ain’t getting you there much faster.

BEEF: There is a grocery store that plowed the snow in their parking lot into the handicapped parking stall. Shame on you– you should have plowed it into a regular parking spot.

BEEF: In a certain local big-box store you only have icy cold water in the washrooms. Really, you can’t supply hot water? Plus you have the world’s thinnest toilet paper. Shame, shame!

BOUQUET: This brings a smile to my face. To the dog owners with the little dogs in their winter coats: they look so cute when the dog is out for a walk in the cold.

BEEF: I do feel sorry for all the restaurants going through this tough time. Please keep your hours updated on our social media pages, It’s such a drag to show up to find out the restaurant is closed.

BOUQUET: to people who still hold the door open for others

BOUQUET: to great cashiers at Fairway Market on Goldstream, super friendly and very courteous.

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