Beefs and Bouquets for Dec. 2

Here are this week’s thank yous and gripes about happenings in and around our West Shore community:

BEEF: A huge beef to Black Press/Goldstream Gazette for changing the format of the weekly newspaper. The print is now so small, that I struggle to read the articles with my 1.50+ reading glasses, and will have to get myself a magnifying glass.

Editor’s Note: The flooding in the Fraser Valley caused a temporary disruption in the paper supply for the press, resulting in the paper being printed on smaller paper. That disruption has now ended.

BOUQUET: I want to say a very big thank you to the very kind lady who helped my husband when he got locked out of the car while getting gas. The car was running with the keys in it. She went home and brought her husband back with a coat hanger. After some time they were able to get the car open. For someone to take the time to do that just makes the world a better place and warms my heart. Thank you.

BOUQUET: I would like to send a big bouquet to all the amazing staff that work at the Dollar Tree at the Millstream Village. Dealing with long lineups and some grumpy customers they deserve a big thank you. I really appreciate their hard work and also having a great selection of products at amazing prices. It is one of my favourite places to shop.

BOUQUET: A bouquet to the City of Langford for the wonderful light displays on Goldstream Avenue again this year. You are making the holiday season a brighter, happier place during these times. Thank you City of Langford staff!

BEEF: A Beef to the red F-150 (Nov. 27) that came barreling up behind me on the Malahat and rode my tail the whole way to Mill Bay. Slow down as the road is under construction and you can’t go much faster.

BOUQUET: A shout-out to Fairway Market’s deli department. I did not catch the lady’s name, but I just want to say that I always have great customer service in your store on Goldstream Avenue. Thank you to the staff at Fairway Market on Goldstream in the deli department.

BOUQUET: Thank you to all the volunteers who went out on Saturday to pull invasive plants at Pit House Park. It was great to see Mayor Rob Martin and Coun. Gordie Logan, and all the volunteers. I think there had to be almost 50.

BEEF: To all the reckless, self-centred drivers out on the roads. It’s pitch black and pouring rain these days but half the drivers have no idea that headlights might improve visibility. Turn on your headlights properly so your tail lights work as well.

BOUQUET: It was a tremendous Sunday at Metchosin Farmers Market this weekend. The local farmers and local crafters are offering so many incredible goods. I think there is one last weekend, so if you have not had the chance to visit the Metchosin Market I would suggest getting there this upcoming weekend and enjoy all the fabulous finds.

BOUQUET: A rave to Gizmo’s Computers in Langford. Always top-notch service and never feel like we are going to get ripped off. A long-standing computer shop in the West Shore and would recommend supporting them when you can. Support local!

BOUQUET: A batch of roses to the lady in the Tim Hortons drive-thru in West Shore Mall. You paid for my lunch on Nov. 28 and after the last few months I totally needed it. Just when I thought everything about my life sucked this made me feel like there are people who still care and things will get better.

BOUQUET: A rave to John Horgan. I was listening to CFAX last week in my car and when Al had you on the air about the flooding etc. he finished by asking how you were doing.

You brought tears to my eyes knowing what you and your family are going through with your cancer diagnosis. You put a shout-out to all the emails and good wishes you are receiving from the community and B.C. You also gave recognition to our health-care workers. In times like these, it is nice to know you are human and you recognize that you are not alone in your fight. There are many people and families going through the same fight you are. Thank you John Horgan for recognizing that whenever you feel like you have it bad, there is always someone else that is fighting a battle far worse. We are in this together!

BOUQUET: A shout-out to Wild Arc for taking in their 3,000th injured animal last week. I heard it was the highest number of injuries in a calendar year. A big thank you to all the volunteers and staff for everything you do.

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