Beefs and Bouquets for Dec. 16

Here are this week’s thank yous and gripes about happenings in and around our West Shore community:

BIG BEEF: to the people who leave their cats outside all night. Even though they have fur, they get cold and wet, not to mention are prey for owls and prowling raccoons, and get into fights with other cats. As the temperature drops, they often seek warmth in dangerous places. If it’s too cold for you to be out all night, it’s too cold for them. Please take better care of your four-legged family members. They need us as much as we need them.

BOUQUET: Thank you to the families on Girou Road for setting up your Christmas display again this year. Wow, what a spectacle. It was so fun to bring the kids by your home as they really enjoyed all that you did. The kids were smiling ear to ear, and after our visit we got some hot chocolate and enjoyed listening to them talk about how much fun they had. Thanks so much for doing this as it takes so much hard work. We hope you have a very merry Christmas.

BEEF: A big sigh to all the scam calls I am receiving right now. Is there no way for the cellphone companies to block these scammers. It is unbelievable that they can get away with this in today’s society of tech. There’s got to be a way this can be stopped!

BOUQUET: Shout out goes to Santa and the View Royal firefighters for spreading cheer and collecting for the food bank. Such a beautiful sight. Thank you and happy holidays for everything you do in our community!

BOUQUET: A bouquet to the West Shore RCMP and the donations they collected this weekend at the Canadian Superstore for the Goldstream Food Bank. You do so much for our community and my family appreciates it. The food bank needs more help than ever this year and it was great to see the donations filling up the cruisers. Happy holidays to all of you.

BEEF: To the drivers on the Malahat during the snowfall. Why would you drive such a dangerous stretch of road in snow with tires that aren’t appropriate and no lights? It was crazy how many vehicles we saw that either did not have their lights on or were sliding all over the place because they are not equipped to be on that stretch of road during these conditions!

BOUQUET: A huge thank you to all my wonderful neighbours and friends who sent flowers, cards and fruit baskets during our family’s unexpected loss. Also for all the phone calls and visits and hugs. You will never know how much it was appreciated.

BOUQUET: A bouquet of fingers to the deli workers in the back of the grocery stores who always need to pay close attention to the meat slicer with the spinning blade when they use it to cut lunch meat!

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