Beefs and Bouquets for April 21

Here are this week’s thank-yous and gripes about happenings in and around our West Shore community:

BOUQUETS: to our neighbour Karen who has been so helpful on several occasions, assisting me in taking care of my disabled spouse. She is always helping people in our neighborhood and beyond.

BEEF: to the person who wrote on April 6 to change the name of Beef & Bouquets to Beeves & Bouquets. Get real!

HUGE BOUQUET: to the residents, family and friends of 14 Erskine Lane in View Royal who baked, with all their hearts, all the wonderful baking for our fundraiser April 9. Our townhouse complex held a bake sale and all of the proceeds were donated to the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Victoria. We had an overwhelming response to bake for this event and it was truly humbling to see the kindness and generosity of those who helped make this a very successful fundraiser. Thank you to each and every one of you that baked, donated and attended our fundraiser. A huge bouquet to you all.

BEEF: to whoever contracted street cleaning of the parking lots and surrounding areas of the Rugby Canada Training Centre and Headquarters at 4:30 a.m. on April 9, making it impossible for residents to sleep due to the loud engine, whining equipment, and flashing lights. It is now 5:20 and the noise is still ongoing. There is no reason your parking lots cannot be cleaned during working hours or early evening.

HUGE BEEF: to all countries and politicians who are sitting by watching Ukraine being destroyed by Russia and doing nothing of merit to stop it. Fear of offending Russia is no excuse.

BOUQUET: Life is wonderful regardless of the uncertainties that we find ourselves in at the moment. I had a garden gate that was affected by the recent windy weather and in need of support. A friend, Keith, came to the rescue and many others unknown also offered their assistance. I want to thank all concerned and also wish them a wonderful Easter.

BEEF: A reminder to everyone who walks their dogs in Hatley Memorial Gardens Cemetery. This is not an off-leash dog park! There are clear signs stating, “All dogs must be on leashes.” Clearly people have forgotten, just don’t care, or are just selfish. You are going to ruin it for other respectful dog walkers. Leash up or go elsewhere!

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BOUQUET: to the Table Nineteen restaurant at Olympic View Golf Course! The renovations look great, our food was tasty, and our server was lovely. Exactly what we needed after our round.

BEEF: to the drivers who treat Sooke Road as their own personal highway, choosing to drive whatever speed they like. I saw a silver SUV weaving in and out of traffic while speeding this weekend, only to end up at the same red lights as the cars they were weaving around. It is unsafe and irresponsible to disregard everyone else on the road.

BOUQUET: to Western Speedway for providing family fun this weekend. I brought some visiting family for their first time at the Speedway and the kids had a hoot! Looking forward to more visits as the weather improves.

BOUQUET: to everyone who organized egg hunts throughout the West Shore. We all appreciate your efforts and it’s nice to see kids get outside to look for eggs instead of looking for them virtually on the computer.

BEEF: to whoever decided 7 a.m. was an acceptable time to begin loud construction work in residential areas. While I’m already awake by the time they begin, that’s not the case for everyone and I’m sure they would rather wake up to their alarms than a jackhammer operating outside their window.

BEEF: to the woman in the black Jeep SUV who barreled through Peatt at Goldstream when the pedestrian sign was on. You are so lucky I looked or you would have flattened me. Wise up and pay attention!

BIG BOUQUET: to SD62 for installation of a huge sandbox and rocks and trees play area at Ruth King. The kids love them!!

BEEF: to the litterbugs who dropped their coffee cups inches away from the garage cans! We love our city- Keep it clean.

BOUQUET: to the lady with the two little dogs who stopped on the Galloping Goose to see if I needed help with my bicycle. Thank you for being so kind!

BOUQUET: to all the volunteers helping with relief efforts for Ukraine- Whether you’re a donor, organize a fundraiser or fly there to help. our thoughts and prayers are with you.

BEEF: Everyone has a right to freedom of speech but please do not block the roadways. I was on my way to a medical appointment I had made six months in advance and missed it. Now I have to wait nine months to get back in.

BIG BEEF: to the construction workers at the new apartment building site on Sooke Road near Jacklin. You chose to work all weekend long disturbing the neighbourhood and surrounding area. You were relentless with your banging and dropping of plywood sheets all weekend long. You ruined Good Friday for everyone, spoiled Saturday for everyone and managed to desecrate Easter Sunday with your non-stop noise. When confronted by a local resident about your lack of respect for the neighbours, and you’re ruining the local Easter Egg Hunt with your noise, you proceeded to get deliberately louder and added in laughter and obscenities towards him. Shame on you!

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