Beefs and Bouquets, Dec. 9

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BOUQUET: To the person who found my cell phone on the Galloping Goose at Jacklin Road on Nov. 23. You called a random number in my contact list. That person had no idea whose phone it was, but picked it up from you figuring it was someone who knew them. Through Telus I was able to find out who you called, contacted them and was reunited with my phone. Memo to self: zip-up jacket pocket, which holds phone, when cycling the Goose.

BEEF: Although I and my neighbours have sent multiple complaints about the loud music level on Hockley Avenue, workers continue to blast music throughout different periods of the day. We can easily hear it in our own homes at the condos. The last complaint to bylaw officers was met with retaliation the next day. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

BOUQUET: Thank you to the gentleman who offered to jump start my car when it died in front of his home. The problem was the alternator. I sincerely appreciate his kindness. This was Nov. 25 on Kami Court.

BEEF: To the person(s) living in the general area of Metchosin Road, Painter Road and Sangster Lane who insist on playing their music literally throughout the night, please turn it off or at least turn the volume down considerably. If anyone outside of your residence can hear it and have it affect their sleep, it is loud to the point of being obnoxiously ridiculous! The low frequency bass, believe it or not, telegraphs through the ground and air alike and can be heard by people in the general area when their heads are on their pillows – it is very intrusive. The elderly and those with sleeping difficulty issues do not need to be entertained by your “groovy tunes” during this time of the night. If you insist on being as obnoxious as your music, either put on some headphones, turn it down or, here’s a novel idea, turn it off during this time of night!

BEEF: To joggers who use sidewalks, forcing pedestrians to move off onto roadways due to their vigorous breathing that can leave a vapour trail of up to 32 to 62 feet behind them, according to latest research studies on computer models. Please be considerate of walkers.

BOUQUET: My husband and I send big thanks to the young man who, in the pouring rain, helped remove and change our flat tire in the Quality Foods parking lot. Bless you sir.

BEEF: Please pay attention, please learn, please be studious. From the children to the adults (emerging adults included). We the children, want to go to school. We want to exercise our right to play free and feel safe. Putting this pandemic behind us is a group effort. We are all in this together. Please listen.

BOUQUET: To the beautiful light shows for Christmas all over the West Shore. Wow, they are incredible! My family so enjoyed driving around this weekend to see all of the great homes that took the time to put these up. My kids could not stop laughing and screaming for joy. There are so many things we can do that are safe and this is one of them. Thank you community for keeping the spirit of Christmas alive!

BOUQUET: I want to express my sincere gratitude to the staff and the customer at Shoppers Drug Mart who found my wallet. Thanks to all of you, I have my wallet back, all contents intact!

BOUQUET: I so enjoyed watching the horse and carriage rides in Langford this weekend. What a spectacular scene. To see families enjoying their time together in the buggies looking at the lights on Goldstream Avenue. Thank you Langford for adding this option for families. Next year I will have to remember to buy a ticket before it sells out!

BEEF: Again to the drivers on the Malahat. Turn on your lights and slow down!

BOUQUET: My family and I would just like to say thank you to the Girou Road home in Colwood that has put up a spectacular Christmas light show for the community. Wow, I wish I was this energetic. You brought a smile to my daughter’s face and she must have stood there for about half an hour just gazing at all there is to see. Thank you for bringing the Christmas spirit into our family.

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