BC Ferries should return to core business

Would the honourable premier please restructure BC Ferries, corral the spiralling costs, and get our ferry service back to its core business of linking our roads?

First on the chopping block should be BC Ferries Vacations.

What’s the price tag for this wholly owned subsidiary, including but not limited to the staff, the website, the Vancouver store at 1010 Canada Place with 90 foot high-definition media wall and the NHL rink board advertising? Why are we funding BC Ferries to compete with private sector tourism providers?

BC Ferries CEO David “delusions of grandeur” Hahn needs a reality check.

BC Ferries isn’t “connecting people with destinations.” BC Ferries is a fleet of boats moving residents and their stuff from one road to another.

The ride is pretty but the tickets are extortionate for long waits, inconsistent loading and off-loading, dirty bathrooms and overpriced mediocre food.

Diana Ferrier

View Royal