Arguments against suites just NIMBYism

Re: Detached suites divide Metchosin, News, Feb. 1, 2012.

Re: Detached suites divide Metchosin, News, Feb. 1, 2012.

“Groundswell” is a new buzzword, already abused by politicians and other activists.

Apparently the confused politicians of Metchosin have used it recently to support NIMBYs, whose morality is to control others’ earned property.

NIMBYs are good at making fallacious arguments misrepresenting the source and solution of perceived problems, and making plain false claims.

For example, they’ll claim that greater density of residential accommodation increases utility costs, ignoring that water is metered, sewer is charged on water consumption, and utility construction and maintenance costs from suites are less given the increased property taxes for the same length of piping.

They ignore that there are bylaws against excessive noise. They accuse suite occupants of being noisy and driving dangerously, when in reality many suite occupants cannot afford vehicles.

Meanwhile, around the world the real groundswell is for individual freedom supported by justice, because it is proven throughout history to feed, shelter, and foster humans.

Politicians in the Greater Victoria area are going backward.

Keith Sketchley