West Shore RCMP warns of dangers of leaving animals in cars

Drivers asked to ensure all travel companions are comfortable

With some of the hottest temperatures of the summer predicted for this week, the West Shore RCMP are reminding residents to leave their pets at home and if traveling with all members of the family, to be mindful when leaving pets unattended in vehicles.

“Remember to park in the shade, provide food and water and keep your windows rolled down enough to provide adequate ventilation,” said Const. Elliot DeGrey in a release.

According to the Capital Regional District’s animal control department, signs and symptoms for heat exhaustion include vigorous or heavy panting, difficulty breathing, a bright red tongue and mucous membranes, thickened and sticky saliva, vomiting, lying down and being unwilling (or unable) to get up, dizziness or disorientation, collapse and/or loss of consciousness.

If you discover an animal displaying these symptoms or for other animal emergencies on the West Shore, contact CRD Animal Control 250-478-0624 or the SPCA cruelty reporting hotline, 1-855-622-7722. The West Shore RCMP can also be contacted at 250-474-2264 or 911 for emergencies.