West Shore Parks and Recreation budget voted down by Langford

Increase in contribution for 2016 too rich for council's tastes

Council voted to reject the proposed West Shore Parks and Recreation Society 2016 budget, due to a 3.77-per-cent increase to the City’s contribution. Council also voted to advise the society that only a budget that results in a two per cent or lower increase in Langford’s requisition will be approved.

The 2015 increase over the previous year amounted to 1.1 per cent or $26,355, bringing the total contribution to $2,420,401. The proposed 2016 increase would see the City’s contribution jump by 3.77 per cent, or $91,335, resulting in a roughly $4.27 increase per Langford household. The total contribution would be $2,511,736.

The society operates the recreation complex in Colwood that is jointly owned by Langford, Colwood, View Royal, Metchosin, Highlands and the CRD. If any owner rejects the budget, the society must amend the proposal so it is accepted by all owners and failing that, the previous year’s budget continues forward.