Gerry St. Cyr

Gerry St. Cyr

West Shore headed for the limelight

The West Shore Chamber of Commerce is introducing a new TV program on Shaw TV

The West Shore is ready for it’s close up.

In an effort to spotlight some of Greater Victoria’s fastest growing communities, The West Shore Chamber of Commerce is introducing a new TV program on Shaw TV, aimed squarely at West Shore.

“The (chamber) has a charter, that we play a role in fostering a healther community,” said chamber CEO and the show’s executive producer Dan Spinner. “We are trying to celebrate the West Shore.”

Consisting of five, five-minute segments and running ten times each month, with new program content generated in part by volunteer “community consultants,” residents of Greater Victoria who volunteer their time with story idea’s and on-or-off camera work that make the show happen.

Stories focus on the residents and businesses of Metchosin, Highlands, Colwood, View Royal and Langford and are hosted by chamber members Kyara Kahakauwila and Gerry St. Cyr.

“(This) is important because it allows for more profiling of the West Shore communities,” said host Kahakauwila. “It is a way of waking up Greater Victoria about what is happening in the West Shore and telling them to work, live, play and come out here and see what is happening.”

In addition to the community consultants, Kahakauwila and St. Cyr work with a team of volunteers including Camosun Colleges applied communications students in an entirely volunteer-driven program hoping to cast a critical eye on all things West Shore.

“It is not just motherhood and apple pie, it is dealing withs some of the hard stuff we will be dealing with over the years,” Kahakauwila said. “It is basically to promote the West Shore community but not just in the usual light. It is good news stories and dealing with some of the issues.”

Most importantly she hopes to explore the community, give others a chance to see the growth that has happened and offer an opportunity for the residents in the local community to be heard.

“(It) gives the local community a chance to express themselves and talk out loud and let them come to the forefront,” said the 31-year resident of the West Shore.

“It truly is an area in Greater Victoria where you can live, work and play and it is a lot of fun out here.”

Debuting in January, Spinner is looking forward to the new program hitting the airwaves and the positive effect he hopes the showcase has on his community.

“What we want to do is stitch the overall picture of what is happening in the West Shore,” Spinner said. “We want the stories, the leadership, the creativity and the issues of the West Shore to be explored.”

Anyone with story ideas or tips can send them along to