Unlocked vehicles make easy targets in Oak Bay

Recurring message from police reminds motorists to lock up

Oak Bay police dealt with several complaints of items being stolen from vehicles last week.

On the night of Feb. 20, a Garmin GPS and a pair of Coach sunglasses were stolen from an unlocked vehicle in the 2700-block of Musgrave St.

Two more thefts took place on Feb. 22. A black canvas lululemon gym bag containing about $300 in assorted gift certificates was stolen from an unlocked vehicle in the 800-block of Newport Ave, while in the 600-block of St. Patrick St., a pair of Rayban sunglasses and some loose change were taken from another vehicle.

Finally on Feb. 23, a set of keys and some change were stolen from a vehicle in the 900-block of Transit Rd.

In keeping with a recurring message, police remind people to lock their vehicles at all times and to remove any valuables before leaving them.

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