Road users of all kinds are being asked to remain alert as the days darken. (Black Press Media file photo)

Road users of all kinds are being asked to remain alert as the days darken. (Black Press Media file photo)

Three violations for cyclist in Victoria intersection crash; police warn of visibility challenges

Fall time change increases potential dangers on roads for riders, drivers, VicPD says

The recent time change may have given us an extra hour of sleep, but a Sunday night collision involving a cyclist and a vehicle prompted Victoria police to remind road users it also removes an extra hour of daytime visibility.

The crash happened shortly after 11 p.m. on Nov. 7 at the intersection of Bay and Blanshard streets. The cyclist was being attended to by bystanders and the vehicle occupants when officers arrived on scene, a VicPD release stated.

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Witnesses told police that the cyclist, who was not wearing a helmet and who did not have lights on his bike, ran through a red light and struck the side of the vehicle.

Paramedics transported the cyclist to hospital, and police say he sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The cyclist received tickets for failing to display his lights, failing to wear a helmet and failing to stop at the red light.

According to VicPD, officers respond to more collisions immediately following the fall time change, noting, “as the days grow shorter and darker, this is a good reminder to all road users to both be seen and use extra care and attention to make sure you can see other road users.”

Drivers are also advised to fully illuminate their headlights and tail lights, fully scan their surroundings and make eye contact with pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers. In turn, VicPD is reminding cyclists to use both front and back lights, wear a helmet and scan their surroundings.

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