Short-term rental request to get closer look in Colwood

City to look at ways of dealing with ongoing issue

Colwood council this week discussed a letter received from the Hotel Association of Greater Victoria, commending the municipality in its efforts to mitigate the negative impacts of short-term rentals.

Concern over council’s resources in facing this issue were raised at the meeting, and the letter outlined that meaningful action from the provincial government is also required to resolve the issue.

Residents offering fewer than four rooms for rent do not have to collect provincial sales taxes, creating an unfair business environment according to the association. It requested that Colwood write a letter to the Minister of Finance to formally request changes to the tax structure.

Council agreed with the potential impacts of short-term rentals, often done through AirBnb. But Coun. Rob Martin moved to have staff examine the request further before council would decide whether to endorse the association’s efforts.

“I feel as though this is quite a complicated matter,” he said.