New possible wastewater treatment site in Colwood

Royal Colwood Golf Club offers three-acre parcel, response forms available until July 22

The Royal Colwood Golf Club has offered a three-acre parcel of land for consideration as a possible wastewater treatment site, according to a letter sent to the Westside Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Select Committee (Westside Select Committee).

To ensure no opportunities were lost, the Westside Select Committee had previously asked private landowners to come forward if they were interested in providing land for the project.

This site will be considered, along with 20 other sites previously identified, and an addendum to the feedback form will be created to add the Royal Colwood Golf Club site.

“We want to hear from as many individuals as possible before we make our decision on which sites and treatment scenarios are studied as part of the detailed technical and costing analysis,” said committee co-chair Barbara Desjardins in a release.

The committee asks members of the public to provide feedback on all sites, with forms available online at Westside SiteSpeak until July 22. Completed feedback forms can be adjusted to provide input on this new site.