New motorcycle permits available for disabled riders

Parking options for people with disabilities expanded to allow motorbikes use of designated spots

People with disabilities who ride motorcycles can now park their bikes in designated parking spots previously reserved for four-wheeled vehicles.

A new permit created by the Social Planning and Research Council of B.C. (SPARC B.C.) and supported by the province will allow disabled riders the use of designated parking spots. The intention is to give them easier access to parks, recreational facilities and other services in B.C. communities.

“This initiative helps to ensure that our communities be as accessible and inclusive as possible, while still maintaining the integrity of the program,” said Steve Harvard, SPARC B.C. board president.

Motorcyclists may not be the first group that come to mind when thinking about designated parking for people with disabilities but SPARC B.C., a non-partisan, charitable organization, has received a number of requests from permit holders who also ride motorcycles.

Working with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the province’s Accessibility Secretariat, SPARC B.C. developed a decal that can be placed on a windshield or other visible spot on a motorcycle, allowing the driver to park in any designated spot for people with disabilities. The decal also contains the same essential information of a regular parking permit, marking it possible to confirm the individual is a valid permit holder.

Permits are available through SPARC B.C. The group is also working with permit-issuing agencies across B.C. to make sure all motorcycle riders have access to these permits. New applicants or existing permit holders seeking a motorcycle decal can call SPARC B.C. at 1-604-718-7744 or send an email to