Motorhome fire sparks other dangers in Metchosin

Mainroad Contracting called to make sure road surface not icy for other motorists

  • Nov. 30, 2015 8:00 a.m.

The Metchosin Fire Department was not only battling a vehicle fire Sunday, but icy conditions.

Crews responded to a vehicle fire on Sooke Road, near Kangaroo Road in Metchosin, just after 8 p.m. They arrived on scene to find a motorhome fully engulfed.

Fire Chief Stephanie Dunlop said the motorhome was traveling on Sooke Road when its occupants realized it was on fire. They were able to pull over, but could not put out the blaze with fire extinguishers. The fire started in the rear of the vehicle, but the cause is still undetermined.

“We extinguished it and had it towed away,” Dunlop said, noting that none of the occupants were injured in the fire.

But she said crews were not just concerned with putting out the fire. With freezing temperatures, the water run-off from the scene was in danger of freezing on the road, making it dangerous for other vehicles.

For precautionary purposes, she said, “we called Mainroad (Contracting) in to put salt and sand on it.”

Sooke Road was closed in both directions for roughly half an hour as a result of the motorhome fire. No other incidents were reported for that area of Sooke Road for the remainder of the night.