Metchosin skeptical about rec centre gym funding

Metchosin approved the West Shore Parks and Recreation’a budget “in the spirit of co-operation,” but council is leery about what it is paying for.

Council opted out of contributing to the recent expansion of WSPR’s weight room and fitness studio, but it isn’t sure if it is off the hook for capital and operating costs.

The District is approaching auditors from WSPR to get a proper breakdown of the budget.

“We approved last year’s budget and expansion of the weight room with very extensive stipulations,” said Mayor John Ranns. “I don’t think our conditions were listened to.”

The fitness centre expansion cost $2.1 million, including a $724,900 grant from the recreational infrastructure Canada program.

“They have not been billed a single cent for the expansion, they were not a part of the expansion” said Linda Barnes, WSPR administrator.

For WSPR to obtain the grant, the other West Shore municipalities absorbed Metchosin’s share of the bill, Barnes said.

The District will also not be billed for the operational costs of the new facility as no municipalities are, she said noting that the weight room and studio generate money and cover its costs.

Though the District did not contribute to the expansion project, it still owns a share of the facility, Barnes said.

“They are actually deriving the benefits of the increased space and they didn’t pay for it,” she said.

Metchosin residents are welcome to use the expanded weight room and fitness studio.