Langford vehicles targeted in recent string of break ins

West Shore RCMP says most of the vehicles were left unlocked

A rash of vehicles broken into Monday night in Langford has the West Shore RCMP reminding people to lock their vehicles and take appropriate steps to reduce the risk of theft.

Thieves targeted vehicles on Kingswood, Jacklin and Aldwynd roads, Vantilburg Crescent and Kristina Place. The overwhelming majority were not locked, said West Shore RCMP Const. Alex Berube.

“That’s an open invitation for criminals to rummage through your vehicle,” he said. “If you don’t have valuables in your vehicle, thieves will take insurance papers, garage door openers and or anything that can help them with identity theft.”

Some helpful hints to avoid theft include locking your vehicle and ensuring there is nothing in it.

Thieves will break into a car for as little as a few coins or a cigarette lighter. Secure any items you must leave in your vehicle in the trunk because once they are in your vehicle, thieves will check the glove box and under the seat. Sunglasses, house keys, clothing, GPS units, purses, wallets, credit cards and passports are some of the most common items taken.

Personal identification information, including financial documents, bills, credit and debit card information left behind makes you an easy target for identification theft.

Thieves will often leave a purse or wallet behind after taking the documents so the owner doesn’t realize a theft has taken place until much later, well after the criminals have applied for loans or additional credit cards and cash advances.

Purchase a good anti-theft device, preferably a passive immobilizer, and use a steering wheel lock to prevent vehicle theft.

Make sure your licence plates are secured with bolts because criminals will use them to avoid being identified while using a different vehicle for criminal activity.

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