Langford’s City Hall, located at 877 Goldstream Ave. (Gazette file photo)

Langford’s City Hall, located at 877 Goldstream Ave. (Gazette file photo)

Langford mayor talks infrastructure, business and cannabis

Stew Young has been mayor of the City of Langford for 25 years

Recreation, public safety and infrastructure – that’s what Langford residents can expect from the mayor and council going forward.

Stew Young has been mayor of the City of Langford for the past 25 years and he said his plans for the city are more or less the same: keep on keepin’ on.

“I’ve got a great council and staff and we’re going to continue doing what we’re doing,” Young said.

He said with the Canadian Premier League soccer team coming to the area, work is going to be put in to add seats to Westhills Stadium.

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He also said public safety is “paramount” and council will continue to work with local police and fire departments.

Young said he hopes to apply for grants through the provincial and federal government to secure funding for infrastructure improvements.

“We haven’t had a grant from the province or the feds in a while,” Young said. “We’re hoping to get something this time around.”

Young said the goal is to bring more tax dollars back into the City of Langford to go towards projects like housing and infrastructure improvements.

“Langford is the fastest growing community but building is not free,” Young said.

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Another priority, Young said, is to bring more businesses into the community and reduce the barriers and red tape business owners have to deal with to set up and grow in the city.

He said he wants to make sure businesses are supported if and when things start to slow down economically.

“We don’t want the government to be an impediment to jobs and economy,” Young said. “We need to make sure we’re not the problem.”

As for cannabis, Young said the city is waiting on the province for more direction.

He said applications have already been received for cannabis retail locations but there isn’t any word from the province on whether or not they’ve been approved.

When they are able to set up, Young said they will be treated like any other business.

Young said the city is taking a “common-sense approach” when it comes to cannabis, following the basic rules set out by the government and ensuring it is kept away from kids.

“If it’s legal, it’s legal and I can’t stop it,” Young said.

He said it could cost money to manage in the future, but the city is waiting to see what will be needed as time goes on.

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