Hearing set for Highlands project

Bear Mountain Parkway provides only access to development in Highlands

A Highlands development accessible only through Langford is coming up to public hearing.

The project at 1150 Bear Mountain Parkway is located within Highlands but you need to go through Langford to get there. The proposed development will add 45 single family dwellings.

Council passed first and second readings for two bylaws that would alter the official community plan and land use zoning to allow the project to go ahead.

One bylaw would amend the OCP, eliminating the reference to recreational tourism. The land would be changed to ‘Amenity 3’ – a new amenity area in the Amenity Land Use Designations in the OCP. The second bylaw pertains to the actual zoning of the property.

The 18-hectares would remain forested and a riparian ecosystem community. An additional four-hectare area would be developed for both commercial and residential uses.

The application by Roger Tinney of Tinney and Associates includes an offer of $486,538 toward the proposed community hall project in exchange for the increase in residential density.

The money would be paid to the district within 30 days of the rezoning and amendment bylaw.


The public hearing on the project is scheduled for Jan. 7.