‘Green’ tech networking group launching at RRU

A networking group looking to promote “green” technology on Vancouver Island

A networking group looking to promote “green” technology on Vancouver Island will launch its inaugural meeting at Royal Roads University next week.

Officials from Sea Breeze Power Corp., a company developing the Cape Scott wind farm and the Juan de Fuca power cable, will be speaking at the Vancouver Island chapter of the GreenTech Exchange on Thursday.

GreenTech Exchange, which has operated in Vancouver for two years, draws together companies working on clean and green technologies with academics, students, entrepreneurs and government officials.

Organizer Tom McDowell, a Langford resident and an aerospace engineer, said the Capital Region and Vancouver Island have plenty of cutting edge technology that needs broader exposure to the province, the nation and the international community.

“It’s about broadening the range of high tech opportunities on the Island, to raise the profile of the Island,” he said. “Vancouver Island has a great opportunity to demonstrate green technologies. This is a sweet spot in time.”

McDowell cited projects such as the Cape Scott wind farm, Dockside Green, Solar Colwood or the Sooke First Nation solar community, or more purely scientific endeavors such as the University of Victoria Neptune project, or its contribution to the international 30 metre telescope project.

GreenTech Exchange Vancouver Island expects to rotate its monthy meetings to different businesses and campuses in the city and the Island for hte next year. All are free and open for the public to attend and are avalable via a webcast.

The Jan. 26 public meeting is in the RRU Learning and Innovation Centre, fourth floor, 5:30 p.m. See www.greentechexchange.ca.