Gale-force winds cause power outages, hours of road cleanup

Saturday night and Sunday morning winds kept City of Langford crews busy

Wind gusts Saturday night and into Sunday morning had City of Langford crews busy clearing material from city streets Sunday instead of at home watching football.

“We haven’t had that kind of wind for a few years,” said City of Langford engineering manager of public works George Henshall. “The crews were out for more than a few hours on Sunday getting roads re-opened, and then most of the day Monday was spend raking up the little bits that were strewn everywhere.”

Henshall says it wasn’t the biggest mess he’s seen caused by weather in the area, but some of the more rural areas definitely took a while to get cleaned up.

“There were several trees down on Humpback Road and up near Goldstream Park,” Henshall said. “People love living where they can be surrounded by nature, but unfortunately it also means they are surrounded by the mess it can make sometimes.”

According to Henshall, the City has been getting better at finding “possible trouble branches” ahead of time and pruning proactively to reduce the damage caused by wind gusts like those Saturday night.