Explore what NGOs can do for Metchosin in the event of disaster

Tuesday meeting will see organizations introduced to public

Prepare yourself with knowledge before a disaster strikes. Even if you have a fully stocked emergency kit and other contingency plans in place, you can still educate yourself on the other helping hands that may be available.

There are many non-government organizations (NGOs) on the southern portion of the Island that are ready to help in the case of the emergency.

NGOs are prepared to help care and rescue pets, feed community members with mobile kitchens, assist with first aid among other resources and services.

“In the event of a large event or local emergency we would open a reception centre where people could spend the night. Depending on the number of people at the site, we could be overwhelmed and call on NGOs to help assist us,” said Dawne Kirwan of the Metchosin Emergency Program.

Tomorrow night (Nov. 15) the Program is hosting an information session on non-government organizations and how they could assist Metchosin in the event of a catastrophic disaster or local emergency. The session is free and a door prize is won at each session.

The session begins at 7 p.m. on Nov. 15 at the Metchosin Fire Department, 4440 Happy Valley Rd. For more information call 250-478-1307.