Consultants to do further analysis for Westside Solutions’ sewage project

Evaluation of input from public, experts the next stage

Urban Systems, in partnership with Carollo Associates, has been hired to help the Westside Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Select Committee evaluate information gained in the technical and public engagement sessions and the feedback received.

The contract, awarded at the end of last month, will include publishing a report that covers the outcomes of this phase of the project. These include:

– Wastewater treatment technologies (liquids): technologies that span secondary to tertiary treatment for potential costing

– Solids treatment and recovery: technologies for gasification and digestion for one-plant and four-plant comparisons

– Resource recovery target market: target markets and highest potential locations for reclaimed water and solids recovery

– Indicative design: instructional outcomes from the workshop to guide options set analysis and costing

– Order of magnitude costing: for one plant and four plant options

– Site reprioritization: incorporating technical analysis, real estate findings and overall feasibility into a node-by-node update.

Earlier this month the committee  directed staff to continue soliciting the public for feedback and cast the net wider to engage residents who have not yet been involved in the process.

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