Colwood staffers work fast to put out RRU brush fire

Quick thinking contains blaze and prevents possible 'serious situation'

Colwood public works staffers put on their firemen’s hats to help douse a brush fire that threatened to shoot up the hillside from the edge of the Royal Roads University property Friday.

The crew was working on Ocean Boulevard near the  Lagoon Bridge in the afternoon when they were alerted to  smoke in the area.

Acting quickly with fire extinguishers,  shovels and whatever else was at hand, they knocked down the leading edges  of the  growing brush fire and prevented it from spreading through the forest or up the hill toward the Belmont Park neighbourhood.

Colwood Fire Chief Kerry Smith voiced appreciation for the actions of the public works crew.

“If not for the  quick response of these city staff members who did not question the need to act, Colwood Fire and Royal Roads University would have had a much larger and more threatening fire to contend with,” he said.

Colwood  firefighters were on scene shortly afterward to throw water onto the bush fire site and fully extinguish it.

RRU called Colwood city hall to express their gratitude for the staffers who went above and beyond to prevent further damage to the treasured  natural environment on the university grounds.

Colwood Mayor Carol Hamilton echoed the praise, saying, “Kudos to the team for their quick action to prevent a very serious situation from taking hold. Colwood  is fortunate to be served by dedicated individuals who are willing to go beyond the call of duty.”

There was no indication as to how the fire started, but given the current extremely dry conditions, Colwood Fire Department is urging the public to be extra vigilant when handling cigarettes, matches or any other flammable materials.

– with files from Sandra Russell, City of Colwood