Bus ticket changes in effect

West Shore riders will have new passes to get around the region with

B.C. Transit riders may find themselves asking questions of their drivers Friday.

Changes approved last December see the elimination of the multi-month Youth Pass, discount tickets, and paper transfers. The prices for cash adult tickets and monthly passes have not been changed.

B.C. Transit states that a mitigating factor in eliminating discount tickets is to reduce operator and passenger conflict arising from visual confirmation on age-based tickets. The use of paper transfers were also a source of conflict and fraud within the system.

The elimination of transfers will double the cost of a one-way trip for riders who used transfers in the past, forcing them to buy a day pass for $5. In addition, local vendors will no longer carry the Day Passes, which are now sold exclusively on buses.

Single-fare fees have not increased from the $2.50 rate. The Victoria Regional Transit Commission reviews rates every three years. The new structure is in effect through 2019.

Any multi-month Youth Passes purchased prior to April 1, 2016 will still be honoured until it’s expiry date. Single-month youth passes are still available.