Blasting rattles Happy Valley residents

Langford has restricted a rock crushing operation in a residential Happy Valley neighbourhood, but residents are still fearful the noise will be unbearable.

A number of residents from neighbourhoods near Happy Valley school protested against Langford issuing a permit allowing a developer to sell gravel off three land parcels being prepared for a subdivision.

“It is an extensive disruption to our life,” one resident told council. “It’s not tolerable.”

“We’ve been putting up with blasting for six months. It’s a residential area,” said another.

Langford agreed that blasting and crushing six days per week, possibly for 18 months, is excessive. Langford Mayor Stew Young asked staff to limit the permit to weekdays only and for up to 12 months.

Councillors noted the sale permit actually allows the City to restrict crushing and blasting — there is little else to stop a landowner from noisily preparing land “seven days per week, sun up to sun down,” Young noted.