Meet Your Candidates: Six candidates running for four spots on View Royal council

Meet Your Candidates: Six candidates running for four spots on View Royal council

Candidates outline how they would make View Royal a better place

View Royal Mayor David Screech will resume his seat for a second term, as he faced no opposition in this election. He was elected as mayor in 2014 after serving on council for 12 years.

The Goldstream News Gazette asked the six candidates running for four seats on council how they would make the municipality a better place and to outline their top three key initiatives. Here are their replies.

Nathan Daisley

1. Address traffic concerns associated with family and community safety and Increase accessibility of transit to further support the diverse needs of residents.

2. Protect View Royal’s green spaces ensuring our residents have safe and clean access to the outdoors.

3. Addressing the town’s elderly and youth’s need for safe and affordable housing.

I will help to make View Royal a better place by championing the ideas of the people who live here. We have knocked on a quarter of the doors in View Royal and have listened to residents’ vision for our town. We have heard suggestions on large issues such as transportation, homelessness, and more specific ones, such as how council can help to improve certain streets and neighbourhoods. Our campaign is dedicated to supporting residents to take part in the decision-making process and encourage their voices to be heard.

Adam Flint

1. Address traffic and transportation solutions.

2. Look at housing affordability, with a focus on community-led planning.

3. Increase public engagement – open government.

With over a decade of municipal career experience, I am in a unique position to hit the ground running, working directly with you to achieve our vision of View Royal. I will look at issues around housing affordability, traffic solutions and increasing our already vibrant parks and trails. This is a great place to raise a family and I aim to keep it that way.

I plan to work directly with the people of View Royal to enact real, tangible solutions to the issues of today and look closely at the issues of the future, with an eye on innovative development and smart use of your tax dollars.

On Oct. 20 I hope that you will trust me, Adam Flint, with the future of our home.

Damian Kowalewich

1. Traffic- As Chair of the Transportation Committee, I will continue to strongly advocate with all levels of government to find quick, sustainable solutions for our traffic congestion. I will also seek small solutions when able. I have already communicated with our local MLA and BC Transit in an attempt to get improvements for our town and the region.

2. Community Engagement-First, to lay a foundation for everything, residents need to feel valued and heard by council. Our residents have thoughtful and reasonable ideas on what they want for their town and deserve to be heard. We should strive to have various ways to communicate and make collaboration a priority. Second, to build engagement, we also need to create more opportunities for our town residents and businesses to come together for fun, family-friendly community events.

3. Sustainability- We must ensure that View Royal is vital and sustainable. This means finding ways to have thoughtful development, while protecting the natural environment. Council should endeavour to work with developers to have a portion of new developments partially built in mind for affordable housing.

Gery Lemon

1. Seeking solutions to the traffic congestion that is stressing our community, with the E&N rail corridor back in consideration.

2. Maintaining the integrity and character of View Royal as a safe, green, active and welcoming community.

3. Encouraging business that fits with the town and its character. Begin to develop ideas and concepts for a retail/service/community town centre.

I’m approachable, knowledgeable and informed about View Royal and the role of council.

I will advocate for the environment and view developments and projects through an environmental lens.

I listen, and I’m an independent thinker who will work diligently on issues that affect people where they live.

As a career communicator, I will encourage the town and council to communicate and engage in ways that work for the community.

Ron Mattson

1. To address local and regional transportation challenges.

2. To keep taxes low and spend your tax dollars wisely.

3. To address housing affordability to improve options for young families.

Twenty years ago John Rogers and I had a vision for View Royal that did not include traffic generating big box stores; we forced Council to stop Home Depot from being built on the site where we now have Eagle Creek Village (shopping and rental housing). Today, my vision for VR does not include a HandyDART storage and maintenance facility at 2401 Burnside. Council unanimously supported my motion to tell BCTransit NO. Council also unanimously supported my motion to purchase this eight-acre property for a park. My vision is to purchase the property and work with residents to plan a magnificent community amenity which will be a legacy for our children and future residents of View Royal.

John Rogers

1. Traffic congestion. Our quality of living and economic prosperity depends on a modern multi-modal transportation solution. We need rapid transit / HOV lanes on the TransCanada Highway, an efficient transit service on the E&N Corridor, and a regional approach for fast charging electrical stations.

2. Affordable Housing; Facilitate practical strategies to increase the affordable housing stock near amenities and transit, while not compromising existing renters.

3. Fiscal management: Balance budget priorities for municipal services, healthy reserves, relevant capital projects while keeping taxes within reason.

View Royal keeps getting better! I will continue to promote a safe, attractive, and affordable community. I share the vision for economic and environmental sustainability; enhanced community connectivity and ambiance; walkable amenities; and improved recreational opportunities. I will leverage regional cooperation to achieve affordable housing, park acquisition, regional trails, arts and culture, environmental protection, disaster recovery assets, and excellent transit services to help address congestion.

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