Meet Your Candidates: Langford candidates share their vision

Meet Your Candidates: Langford candidates share their vision

Robert Fraser challenges Stew Young for mayor’s seat

In the City of Langford, Robert Fraser is challenging Stew Young in the mayoral race with seven candidates running for six councillor positions. We asked each candidate how they would make the municipality a better place and to outline their top three key initiatives. Here are their responses.


Robert Fraser

1. Keep taxes low

2. Improve housing affordability and increase housing supply

3. Improve Colwood crawl problem using high-speed public transit

We must find solutions to housing affordability and housing supply. We cannot attract new businesses if people cannot afford to live here.

I will work with other levels of government, education institutions, local businesses, chambers of commerce, and high tech industry to attract more business, to diversify our economy and increase local employment in areas of retail, government, education, high-tech, bio-tech and light industrial.

I want to improve the livability of Langford, to have more places to walk, more parks for kids to play in, to be close to work, and close to stores.

I want Langford to be one of the first cities in Canada to get a 5G cellphone network. This will significantly change the way we communicate and will attract and create new businesses.

I would like to see less disruption to residents and business when there is infrastucture and road work.

Stew Young

1. Public Safety

2. Job Creation

3. Affordable Housing

Our priorities in Langford should be to keep our community safe, support local businesses that create jobs and keep our taxes low by stream-lining regulations. I will continue to work co-operatively with my council to make sure we stay focused on making the necessary adjustments and improvements that benefit Langford residents. We need to make sure that we do not accept downloading of financial responsibilities of regional, provincial and federal governmentsStew onto the tax payers of Langford. A high priority is to build universities, colleges and schools in Langford, and to create a better opportunity and access for our student’s futures. Job creation in Langford must remain a high priority which goes along with eliminating red tape and keeping our processes efficient. Langford is a family orientated community and we must all fight hard to make sure our community is safe, vibrant and affordable.


Denise Blackwell

1. Continue partnering with SD62 to build much needed schools

2. Build more affordable and rental housing

3. Keep taxes low so businesses want to create jobs here.

I will continue to make bold, positive strides for more jobs and a strong, vibrant community. I will work for more parklands and trails, further community recreation developments, and a healthy environment. I am working with Island Health and the Community of Family Practice Doctors on an urgent care centre based in Langford with enough family doctors to service the current 30,000 residents of the West Shore who are currently unattached to their own physician.

Wendy Hobbs

1. Affordable Housing

2. Safety

3. Sustainable Growth

I would make Langford a better place by making sure it’s a community that educates its young people, provides affordable housing and encourages childcare facilities. We need to bring jobs that have a livable wage so families can live here generation after generation. We need to provide more policing and fire protection as our community continues to grow at a very quick pace. Improving infrastructure to provide safe walkable and biking routes which includes safe routes to schools is a vital component to a thriving community. Integrated planning for transit, traffic and roads is crucial as our population grows greater demands are being placed on our infrastructure. Making sure that our municipality has cost-effective services will keep Langford’s low tax rate sustainable. In closing I would make Langford a better place by making sure Council works with its residents collaboratively while providing plenty of opportunity for the community to provide input to make Langford an even better place to live and work in with their families.

Matt Sahlstrom

Affordable Housing: As Langford continues to grow, we will continue to require additional housing for the people moving here to call Langford home. Supply and demand dictates housing affordability, so by increasing supply, affordability is more within reach.

1. Safety: With the increase in population comes the possible increase of crime. I am a strong proponent of keeping our streets, trails, parks and neighbourhoods safe. Bike patrols by the RCMP and our city bylaw officers has been a great deterrent to crime.

2. Recreation: “Keep Kids Busy and they Won’t get into Trouble” is an old but true adage. I am a strong believer in recreation in Langford. The more people, young and old, that recreate, the less likely we are to have social problems. Recreation builds Strong, Happy and Healthy Communities.

Making Langford a Better Place:

3. To make Langford even a better place, I would continue on the path Langford is taking now. Protecting green space and parks by creating density in the downtown core with excellent walkability to do business, walk to work or just to go for a stroll. The higher the density, the less demand for cars, decreasing congestion. A vibrant downtown core is key to a happy healthy city. I think Langford is on the right track.

Lanny Seaton

1. Affordability – I am committed to strategic partnerships and projects that provide affordable housing options and services while keeping taxes low. The streamlined business processes to enable efficiency, cost savings, and affordability, developed by Langford, is a proven model that works.

2. Quality of life – The quality of life for the families in Langford has always been my top priority. I am committed to keeping Langford vibrant, safe and affordable by providing a variety of opportunities to keep our residents healthy, active, and successful.

3. Economic sustainability – Requires experienced leadership, insight and the ability to establish key partnerships to lead opportunities that create jobs and support local businesses.

I will make Langford a better place by focusing my efforts on the expansion of recreation and entertainment facilities. Improvements to health care services, transportation, reliable commuter options and the extension of the CRD Rail Trail are also a priority.

Norma Stewart

I am excited to be running for City of Langford council. As a proud longtime resident of Langford, it will be a privilege to serve my community with integrity, honesty and treat everyone with utmost respect. I will listen openly while focusing to move Langford forward.

1. Affordability –by encouraging a range of housing options and keeping taxes low.

2. Health and Safety – enhance our parks and trails and create new facilities to foster healthy bodies, healthy minds.

3. Opportunities – push for more post-secondary education in our community and build partnerships to focus on creating good, family-supporting jobs.

Langford is home. I am running to work with our City council and community to make Langford an even better to live, work, and play but maintain small town charm. I will provide effective communication of current and future amenities and resources available to our area.

Someone new – working for you. Please vote Norma Stewart.

Lillian Szpak

1. Safety: Increasing RCMP, Langford Fire Rescue

2. Housing Affordability: rental, seniors, starter homes

3. Commuter choices: safe cycling corridors, HOV lanes, E&N transit

Langford has grown and changed and there is still much to be done; attracting doctors and specialists so that all our residents have a family practitioner is a priority. And it’s time to shine our spotlight on arts and culture, planning for a place where artists of all ages, stages and abilities in our community can perform and showcase their talents. I look forward to helping make our vision a reality.

Roger Wade

1. Keep Taxes Low

2. Strong Economy- Bring Jobs to Langford

3. Recreation

I have been serving the constituents of Langford for the past 10 years and would continue to make our city a better place by keeping our taxes low. Partnering with the development community means the City will be able to afford more recreational facilities, programs and parks without having to increase taxes.

Encouraging new business and government offices to relocate to Langford are just a couple of ways I would stimulate Langford’s economy. The Capital Regional Growth Strategy shows movement out to the West Shore and I would support Langford taking a lead on this.

I will continue to encourage national and Olympic teams to move to Langford enabling our youth additional opportunities for success in sport. Being home to national headquarters would also open the door to sports tourism. Increased recreational facilities encourages participation and is good for the overall health of all ages.

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