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‘Pass the torch’: Iconic Metchosin cafe sold after 36 years of ownership

New owners say the plan is to continue with a ‘business-as-usual approach’

After 36 years of ownership, Mike and Shannon Madill are selling My-Chosen Cafe in Metchosin.

The cafe, Sugar Shack and My-Chosen Pizza have been bought and will be run by Hollis Turbine, Jason Gray and Joe Cunliffe, who said in a statement the cafe will continue business-as-usual, with the same staff and menu.

The group will be officially taking ownership on Friday (July 14).

“I grew up across the street from My-Chosen Cafe right here in Metchosin, so when I heard it was for sale, it was exciting. Taking over from Mike and Shannon is a special privilege and a nice homecoming for me,” Gray said in a statement.

After coming across the location while stopping for a lunch date, Mike and Shannon Madill decided to take over the business and first opened up shop on July 22, 1987. With business booming, the family decided to expand and opened the doors to their new and bigger cafe in 1995.

“To our cherished community of Metchosin, and to those from afar, we are thankful for the unwavering support, loyalty, and love that you have showed us over the years,” the Madill’s wrote in a statement.

“As we pass the torch to the new owners, we do so with utmost confidence in their ability to continue the legacy we have built together. We are confident that they will honor our shared values and provide the same warmth and hospitality that have become synonymous with everything My-Chosen and we wish them continued success.”

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