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2 people sent to hospital after E-bike hits pedestrian in View Royal

A pedestrian and biker went to Victoria General Hospital after a collision on the evening of Wednesday, June 5
Two people were sent to the hospital after an E-bike rider collided with a pedestrian in View Royal on Wednesday, June 5. (Black Press file photo)

No charges will be forthcoming, but officials are warning people to be careful after a fast-moving E-bike rider collided with a pedestrian on the E&N Trail on the evening of Wednesday, June 5.

A witness who lives in the area, who didn't want to share their name, says the biker struck the pedestrian's arm, and he was "moaning in pain." The biker then  "skidded several metres" with the bike before hitting his head on a pole.

"A father and young child, roughly 8 [years old], came past and the father told paramedics the E-biker had buzzed past them on the trail and almost collided with his son, who was on a standard bike," noted the witness in an email to Black Press, adding both the biker and the pedestrian were sent to Victoria General Hospital.

West Shore RCMP say the pedestrian decided not to pursue charges, instead requesting police speak to the cyclist about rider-pedestrian safety.

"The cyclist advised police the pedestrian stepped out in front of him causing the cyclist to clip the side of the pedestrian and both parties fell to the ground," noted a statement from West Shore RCMP.

According to the Capital Regional District (CRD), there is a speed limit of 32 kilometres per hour. The witness to the collision says that doesn't seem to be enforced, and hopes to see more regulation and enforcement in the future.

The CRD is also beginning it's Cruise with Courtesy campaign for the Summer, where they aim to educate users of CRD pathways on trail etiquette. They recommend people stay to the right of the trail unless they are passing, they want people to control their speed, and they want pets on leashes and staying on the right side of the trail as well.

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