Remembrance Day 2017
    Greater Victoria Public Library "Food for Fines" donation
      Students, local garden club taste fruits of labour
        Black Press Extreme Career Fair

          More support for Victoria’s Commonwealth Games bid

          Former UVic chancellor, construction company boss, says Games invaluable for youth

          • Oct 19th, 2017

          Liabilities of a rapacious industry

          Although climate change is a reality, our reliance on it to shrug off certain environmental changes is often overdone.

          • Oct 19th, 2017

          OPINION: 2010 Winter Games CEO fully behind Victoria’s Commonwealth Games bid

          John Furlong sees opportunity as chance to continue building country’s stellar rep as event host

          • Oct 17th, 2017

          Bring a proposal to the West Shore Recreation table, Langford

          View Royal Mayor David Screech expands on West Shore Parks and Recreation’s operations

          • Oct 15th, 2017

          LETTER: Not just roundabout etiquette needed on West Shore Parkway

          One residents points to other dangerous driving habits

          • Oct 15th, 2017

          LETTER: Humpback rail crossing should be left open

          One Langford resident is asking the ICF to keep the rail crossing open

          • Oct 14th, 2017

          Black Press columnist’s views on climate upsetting to Millennial

          Acknowledgement of climate change’s effects more relevant to age group

          • Oct 12th, 2017

          LETTER: Bus lanes aren’t a solution for all commuters

          One Langford resident notes B.C. Transit doesn’t fit in everyone’s schedules

          • Oct 10th, 2017

          LETTER: Leave the science to the experts

          One reader was disappointed in columnist Tom Fletcher’s research last week

          • Oct 9th, 2017

          LETTER: Scientific consensus favours human-caused warming

          Sierra Club B.C. campaigner responds to Tom Fletcher column

          • Oct 5th, 2017

          Letter: Call for housing stragety in wake of church land proposed development

          Send your letters to editor@oakbaynews.com

          • Sep 26th, 2017

          B.C. government should create a provincial bus service

          Greyhound’s reduced service will begin to affect communities, reader writes

          LETTER: One Wave gathering a treat

          Local youth inspired resident to attend event

          • Sep 28th, 2017

          LETTER: Childcare a chance for NDP to show leadership

          It’s not just parents waiting for $10-a-day daycare

          • Sep 27th, 2017