Ian King

Ian King

Metchosin farmer thinks inside the box

The Metchosin farmer has planted his crops at Sea Bluff Farm is looking for people hoping to signs up for a box.

Ian King wants to sell you a Bluff Box.

The Metchosin farmer has planted his crops at Sea Bluff Farm is looking for people hoping to signs up for a box.

Sea Bluff Farm sells its produce through the food box program, at farmer’s markets and to restaurants. The food box program makes up about one third of the farm’s business.

At this time Sea Bluff Farms is looking for 50 customers for its Bluff Boxes.

“We’d be interested in expanding the box program,” said King, explaining as a farmer knowing the amount of customers makes it easier when it comes to planting crops and selling them is a faster transaction.

There are three sizes of boxes to chose from including mini, regular and family boxes. The mini box will have about four items, a regular item between seven to nine and the family box about 15 to 20.

The box program begins in June 1 and crops ready then may include radishes, salad greens, broccoli, beets, onions, kale and garlic scapes.

Throughout the summer Bluff Box users may find some surprising veggies including baby blue hubbard and red curry squashes.

“It can really expand people’s tastes,” King said.

The farm has a blog to accompany the boxes to provide tips and recipes with some of the more obscure vegetables.

“We grow giant beets that get as big as your head,” King said emphasizing the size with his hands but said those would only be give to people who wanted them.

People signing up to the boxes are encouraged to pay on a monthly basis for the weekly boxes.

Sea Bluff Farm is not certified organic, but produce is grown without pesticides or fertilizers.

“This will be fresher and higher quality than what you would get in the grocery store,” King said. “Your dollars go straight to the farm and to the local farmer.”

Aside from what is grown at Sea Bluff Farm, King will purchase produce from about six other local farms to top off the boxes.

Box goers have the option of picking up the box from the farm in Metchosin on Wooton Road, or at a location in Langford or in Fernwood in Victoria.

This will be King’s first summer managing the farm and he hopes to expand the box program  and in the future possibly offer the option of home delivery.

Also this summer, King is going to be experimenting with seed saving techniques and crossing plant species in hopes of creating some new vegetables.

The program runs from June to November.

For more information on the Bluff Box program or to sign up contact King at info@seablufffarm.ca or Holland Gidney at bluffbox@telus.net.