Tess Smith's Christmas tradition story from Sangster elementary school's grades 3/4 class.

Tess Smith's Christmas tradition story from Sangster elementary school's grades 3/4 class.

Willway elementary school Grade 4 students write about favourite holiday traditions

"The day we decorated our tree, it was special because it snowed and we haven't seen snow for more than three years!"

Putting on my Christmas Ornaments

My name is Paul. I am in Grade 4 at Willway elementary. The thing I love the very most about Christmas is putting my Christmas ornaments on the tree. Every year my Oma makes me a new one to add to my collection. Sometimes the ornament she makes has a picture of me from that year. My favourite part is when it is my turn to put the angel on the top of the tree. Every year it is someone else’s turn.

This year it was my dad’s tun to put on the angel. This year I also made my first glass ornament by spinning pain around inside a glass ball. I’m glad to actually have a tree this year, because for the last few years we have had to hang the ornaments on a string from the rafters because we lived in a village in Tanzania, Africa!

The day we decorated our tree, it was special because it snowed and we haven’t seen snow for more than three years!

We listened to Christmas carols after we finished the tree. Our tree looks really good, now all it’s missing is the presents! I can’t wait until Christmas!



My Favourite Christmas Tradition

My mom has a friend named Kim. They have been friends for a very long time, since they played soccer together before they had kids. We used to buy presents for Kim and her kids. Kim, Cass, Megan and Colin would buy gifts for us. One year my Mom and Kim decided that the kids got enough presents and that we would start to do a Christmas activity together instead. Every year we get together and do something fun.

The first year we went to the military base and looked at Christmas lights and then decorated gingerbread houses. We have gone to the movies, had our photo taken with Santa and then we painted a platter for Kim’s family. We all got to put paint on out finger and make a wreath made out of fingerprints. We gave the platter to them. They made one for us with lights and it says “Deck the Halls.” This year we are going to Butchart Gardens. We might skate while we are there. They are really good friends and I like doing fun things together at Christmas. They are the best Christmases ever.

Devon Hall


Christmas Pickle

My family has lots of traditions for Christmas. My favourite tradition is that our family has a Christmas pickle that we hang on our tree. Some of my friends have never heard of a Christmas pickle but we always have one. It is a delicate, glass ornament that is shaped like a dill pickle. It has some green glitter on it.

Every year after we have decorated the Christmas tree, my mom hides the pickle in the tree. Because the pickle is green like the tree it’s hard to find.

When we wake up Christmas morning, who ever finds the pickle gets an extra present. It isn’t ever a big present but it is still fun.

Last year I found the pickle. One year we had to get two new pickles because I took it to show and tell and it got broken.

My mom bought a new pickle and then I dropped it by mistake and it broke all over the floor. We pretend it is still my mom’s old pickle that we hide on the tree.

My mom says it is a German tradition, but we aren’t German.

We buy lots of pickle ornaments for our friends so they can have a Christmas pickle tradition too.

When I grow up I am going to have a Christmas pickle for our family too.

Regan Hall


My Christmas (This is what should happen)

My favourite holiday is Christmas because families spend so much time together decorating the tree and the whole house, but really you don’t need decorations for it to be Christmas.

It’s about giving. I feel very good when I give things to people. I really think that on Christmas the tradition should be when I go outside there would be strangers giving other people, they don’t even know, gifts.

I think people should go outside instead of playing video games all day long and throw snowballs or something like that. People should have fun. This is my Christmas.

Brayden L.


My Christmas Traditions


My favourite family traditions at Christmas time are baking Christmas cookies with my mom and eating chocolates from my advent calendar each morning. I also like decorating my Christmas tree and shopping for Christmas presents with my grandma. On Christmas Eve I watch the Grinch at my grandparents’ house.  Then when my mom, Jacob and I get back home, my mom gives us a new book that we’ve been wanting to read and some new pyjamas. We put out letters, some cookies, and milk for Santa. We also put our apples and carrots for the reindeer. Then my brother Jacob and I read Christmas books until we fall asleep in our cozy new pyjamas. Jacob and I always wake up early on Christmas Day, so when while my parents are asleep, we check the carpet for hoof prints and boot prints. We also check the curtains for magical dust. Then we look at our presenters and try to guess what they are.

Finally when my parents get up, we open Santa’s gifts first, then our stockings and other presents. After we open our presents we eat a yummy treat for breakfast. This is usually Eccles cakes, scones or cinnamon buns. So good! And those are my family traditions.

Katie Thompson, Grade 4



A Christmas Filled with Joy

There is a Christmas tradition I have wanted to see for a long time. If I could, this Christmas I would love to see a gigantic Christmas tree in the middle of town. On the tree there would be lots of rainbow coloured lights shining as bright as possible. The tree would have a big light up star on the very top. Then on Christmas Eve whoever wanted to, would come and share the holiday spirit with everyone around them. The people would gather around the gigantic tree. The tree would smell deeply of sweet pine. In my head I can imagine there would be a huge crowd. They would all be dressed nice and warm, with their gloves and toques on looking really warm and cozy. Many of them holding hot Thermoses of coffee or some yummy hot chocolate. The families would come and they would have a great night. Everyone would have big smiles on their faces. It would be a night to remember. Then just as they start to sing joyful Christmas songs there would be angel-like snowflakes falling softly and quietly. After they had finished singing they would all go home and await the arrival of Mr. Santa Claus, come down the sooty chimney and making each and every child’s Christmas special.

Makenna Heathcote


Christmas Time!

My favourite holiday is Christmas.

One of my favourite Christmas traditions is decorating the Christmas tree. My parents always put the lights up first.

Then I, my mommy and brother Brody put up the ornaments. My daddy always puts Batman up and always at the top. At last, we put the angel (or the star) on the very top. Our tree is so big that when we put the angel (or star) on top, it almost touched the roof.

Another tradition I love is having Christmas dinner. We always have roast beef, carrots, stuffing, gravy and DO NOT forget the mashed potatoes!

Once we tried candied yams. They were very good.

I also love making Christmas ornaments. Once I sewed a Christmas ornament mitten. Another time I made a sleigh, an angel and a wreath.

Making cookies for Santa is very fun. I love laying out the cookies, the carrots and the milk.

One of my favourite Christmas movies is Home Alone and Home Alone 2.

I also love Jingle All the Way and Frosty the Snowman.

Most Christmases we have relatives over to spend the holiday with. This year, 2013, my aunt and uncle are coming.

In 2012, my uncle Kelly and my daddy tricked my brother and me. They wrapped up food and placed them under the tree. The tags said: From Santa. My pretend present was a jelly sandwich with a bite taken out of it and my brother’s was a can of corn. We soon found out it was actually from my uncle and daddy.

By Braelynne

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